Thursday, August 29, 2013

Artists Hurt The Music Scene Too

I know that illegal downloading and horrible pop music are definitely hurting the music scene today but that's not the only cause of a lacklustre time period. It's also being brought down by indie artists. We are at an all time high for artist putting out album, mainly due to the ease of digital recording. But on the same hand at an all time low for quality music being out. The indie artist is one of the main causes of this and also the only ones who can really save it. So what's going on?
First off its partly due to an over politeness and need to not offend people. Sure we don't want to crush an up and coming artist who may be in the developing stages and maybe have some solid work down the road. We do though need to let them know that their work is NOT professional and the areas in which it lacks. This I how they improve, or get crushed and quit. Either way it will weed out the undeserving. The other side of this is artists are always trying to build within their community so they don't want to offend that person who may check out or buy/support their next release. I totally get this but in the end it's just hurting everyone. You want to get that person to retweet your album link so don't piss him off by telling him/her that their stuff is weak. Then is that person going to give you honest feedback you need to improve your game? The answer is no. It's a bad cycle.
Then we have the freeleases and over whelming of releases. You need to keep up with the scene to be heard. You feel a need to give the audience what they want. They want lots of free music all the time right? Well no. They actually want a solid quality album that they can digest for years. Some do want quick fix trash constantly but these people will never become your supportive fan base. Putting out too many releases makes it confusing to the casual dropper by and hard for the constant buyer. If you drop two albums every six months or more then they feel conflicted as there is other albums they want to buy from other artists too. Will they spend on your newer new album or get the one from an artist they don't have? It's a tough question but ultimately I think it just overall floods the market making it hard to sift through to find the quality. This leads to people giving up the search. Don't feel bad to shelf a good project or wait on it for a long time. 
Finally we have the indie artist who is not really an artist at all. This is way way way to common today. Thug Izzle, Young Thug Money, Lil Snupe?? Really people, come on just quit already your not creative artists you just think it's an easy way to get attention and make yourself feel more important than you are. I'd say these are the worst offenders. Yes there's a giant ocean of crap out there making it needle in a haystackish to search out something good but these people make the whole scene seem laughable. They put a bad image of all artists out there. They buy followers and just reuse marketing gimmicks set out by main stream crap artists like Rick Ross. They are not even close to what a musician should be. Being a musician used to mean you spent hours honing your skill if making music. To these people it just means spending money and time working marketing schemes. This will lead people to believe that musicians really do get their money for nothing because these people are nothing's in the actual music world. 
So yeah, sure the major labels hurt the music scene and illegal downloading does too but really this uprising of indie artists screaming for attention hurts it just as much. We need to quit being quiet about this and make a stand before it's too late. Learn an instrument. Learn to read music. Don't accept mediocre shit or at least let it be known that its subpar. Talk to well trained musicians and value their opinion most often they know what they're talking about even if you don't like what they have to say. I feel like I wrote this piece before but it's more relevant than ever so try to take something away from this.