Monday, January 14, 2013

The Digital Mind Of A.I.

I've decided to try something different in my blogging format. Writing down my crazy thoughts which are far to large to be posting to twitter.
I used to use the Internet a couple hours a day. I didn't have a cell phone that could go online n stuff so I would only access the Internet on my laptop at home. I usually did beats for a couple hours each day and go online in the evening after I was done. I would use Facebook mostly after MySpace closed down as I didn't find twitter much use when I could only be there for an hour or two late at night. I would check other people's music and post my own stuff regularly on soundcloud. I used this blog to promote my own stuff plus anything new and old that I liked and thought deserved some space.
Well, times change. I moved and had to get a cell phone to keep in touch my family. I started using twitter full time as I knew nobody where I moved to and was focused on working and making a better life for my family. Twitter became my place to socialize. Music kind of fell to the wayside. Orangearmy. Family first music second nothing else. Ok I have to add video games in there.
To be honest I love playing video games but didn't do that much till I had the kids n stuff. It's a way I hang with my kids and wife rather than being alone doing music all the time. I enjoy it no lie but it's not as productive as I could be. Family first I guess.
So I quit Facebooking almost all together, my laptop is old and slow often crashing which leaves me with little desire to blog. My time for even listening to music has dimished. So I won't be posting up much music but still want to have a place for all my crazy mind dialogue.
Here what's going to be going down here for the time being. I have an app for I phone which can use blogger. I will be writing down as I said things/thought which are far too big for twitter. I invite you to read along or not, comment, learn about where I come from and what makes me tick or ticked off or maybe turned on. HA! From Video games to music to the world around us I'm going to keep this moving somehow.