Monday, September 2, 2013

Ducktales Remastered/Recycled

While I haven't played this game I still feel I have a valid opinion on it. I think this exact thing is going on all around us right now. Movies do it all the time, they don't have a fresh idea so they touch up something that was already great. This is exactly what they did with Ducktales Remastered. 
It was a classic titles from 20years ago. They don't have any better ideas and want to make money off something so they revamp an old idea and make it seem new. When we support this kind of activity it allows them to win and us lose. When the original was made they were actually making new ideas not just taking old ones, that's how you get a classic, it's new and someone took time to make it great. Your not going to get that from reusing old ideas over and over. Look at the levels, it's almost exactly the same but with updated graphics.
Same character with new graphics. I don't really care so much about graphics or High Def stuff I care about how the game play is. If the graphics are so bad that it affects the gameplay then I might care but otherwise I don't care. Use the new graphics to make something new not just piggyback something that was already good.
This looks like they spent a ton of time on it. Why didn't they just make a new game? New levels, new enemies? I just don't get how people support this? I love Capcom as a company but this game just seems like a dumb money grab. I'm all for recycling to save the planet but this culture recycling is killing creativity.

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