Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chun Li vs Cammy

This came up in a conversation last night so I thought I look through some pictures and maybe let readers decide. Who's more attractive, Chun Li or Cammy? The first two girls featured in Street Fighter 2. I think Chun Li has a bit of bias because she was there first and Cammy didn't show up until we got the Super edition. Both have been very popular in the game since they first appeared, so lets take a look. 
Chun Li in her most popular pose haha.
I love the way Chun Li looks tough but at the same time very womanly. The spike bracelets definitely help her tough edge. Her most notable feature....her amazing legs, they are undeniable. Chun Li looks like a girl who would be able to dress up nice for a night out then the next day kick some buff dudes ass. Also let not forget the epic shower scene from the Capcom movie.
Then we have Cammy the hard ass blonde. She is a bit slimmer and a blonde but I find her too muscular to match Chun Li. Her wrestling singlet is very revealing and she does give a big smile after kicking your ass. I find her too serious and manly overall.
My overall vote is for Chun Li but feel free to drop a comment explaining your favorite two Street Fighter girls. 

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