Monday, February 4, 2013

Panoramic Visions

As I continue to blog in totally random fashion I'm gonna give this series of posts a not so random, random order. Ha....Anyway....This is the first of what I understand to be several works between a couple amazing artists. Avarice, emcee from Connecticut and Black Tokyo, beatsmith from Virginia. Panoramic Visions is that raw underground hiphop vibe all the way through. These are the type of rhymes you can listen to over and over and still be diggin into words and flows. Tokyo always has the dope beats but the joints on this are sounding better than ever. Its got that gritty feel to rock a backpack to. So go grab one, and ya iPod, and rock this joint full through. Or don't.. Whatever.. Show some support and pay the $3 if your feeling this catfish.

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