Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chun Li vs Cammy

This came up in a conversation last night so I thought I look through some pictures and maybe let readers decide. Who's more attractive, Chun Li or Cammy? The first two girls featured in Street Fighter 2. I think Chun Li has a bit of bias because she was there first and Cammy didn't show up until we got the Super edition. Both have been very popular in the game since they first appeared, so lets take a look. 
Chun Li in her most popular pose haha.
I love the way Chun Li looks tough but at the same time very womanly. The spike bracelets definitely help her tough edge. Her most notable feature....her amazing legs, they are undeniable. Chun Li looks like a girl who would be able to dress up nice for a night out then the next day kick some buff dudes ass. Also let not forget the epic shower scene from the Capcom movie.
Then we have Cammy the hard ass blonde. She is a bit slimmer and a blonde but I find her too muscular to match Chun Li. Her wrestling singlet is very revealing and she does give a big smile after kicking your ass. I find her too serious and manly overall.
My overall vote is for Chun Li but feel free to drop a comment explaining your favorite two Street Fighter girls. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ducktales Remastered/Recycled

While I haven't played this game I still feel I have a valid opinion on it. I think this exact thing is going on all around us right now. Movies do it all the time, they don't have a fresh idea so they touch up something that was already great. This is exactly what they did with Ducktales Remastered. 
It was a classic titles from 20years ago. They don't have any better ideas and want to make money off something so they revamp an old idea and make it seem new. When we support this kind of activity it allows them to win and us lose. When the original was made they were actually making new ideas not just taking old ones, that's how you get a classic, it's new and someone took time to make it great. Your not going to get that from reusing old ideas over and over. Look at the levels, it's almost exactly the same but with updated graphics.
Same character with new graphics. I don't really care so much about graphics or High Def stuff I care about how the game play is. If the graphics are so bad that it affects the gameplay then I might care but otherwise I don't care. Use the new graphics to make something new not just piggyback something that was already good.
This looks like they spent a ton of time on it. Why didn't they just make a new game? New levels, new enemies? I just don't get how people support this? I love Capcom as a company but this game just seems like a dumb money grab. I'm all for recycling to save the planet but this culture recycling is killing creativity.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Artists Hurt The Music Scene Too

I know that illegal downloading and horrible pop music are definitely hurting the music scene today but that's not the only cause of a lacklustre time period. It's also being brought down by indie artists. We are at an all time high for artist putting out album, mainly due to the ease of digital recording. But on the same hand at an all time low for quality music being out. The indie artist is one of the main causes of this and also the only ones who can really save it. So what's going on?
First off its partly due to an over politeness and need to not offend people. Sure we don't want to crush an up and coming artist who may be in the developing stages and maybe have some solid work down the road. We do though need to let them know that their work is NOT professional and the areas in which it lacks. This I how they improve, or get crushed and quit. Either way it will weed out the undeserving. The other side of this is artists are always trying to build within their community so they don't want to offend that person who may check out or buy/support their next release. I totally get this but in the end it's just hurting everyone. You want to get that person to retweet your album link so don't piss him off by telling him/her that their stuff is weak. Then is that person going to give you honest feedback you need to improve your game? The answer is no. It's a bad cycle.
Then we have the freeleases and over whelming of releases. You need to keep up with the scene to be heard. You feel a need to give the audience what they want. They want lots of free music all the time right? Well no. They actually want a solid quality album that they can digest for years. Some do want quick fix trash constantly but these people will never become your supportive fan base. Putting out too many releases makes it confusing to the casual dropper by and hard for the constant buyer. If you drop two albums every six months or more then they feel conflicted as there is other albums they want to buy from other artists too. Will they spend on your newer new album or get the one from an artist they don't have? It's a tough question but ultimately I think it just overall floods the market making it hard to sift through to find the quality. This leads to people giving up the search. Don't feel bad to shelf a good project or wait on it for a long time. 
Finally we have the indie artist who is not really an artist at all. This is way way way to common today. Thug Izzle, Young Thug Money, Lil Snupe?? Really people, come on just quit already your not creative artists you just think it's an easy way to get attention and make yourself feel more important than you are. I'd say these are the worst offenders. Yes there's a giant ocean of crap out there making it needle in a haystackish to search out something good but these people make the whole scene seem laughable. They put a bad image of all artists out there. They buy followers and just reuse marketing gimmicks set out by main stream crap artists like Rick Ross. They are not even close to what a musician should be. Being a musician used to mean you spent hours honing your skill if making music. To these people it just means spending money and time working marketing schemes. This will lead people to believe that musicians really do get their money for nothing because these people are nothing's in the actual music world. 
So yeah, sure the major labels hurt the music scene and illegal downloading does too but really this uprising of indie artists screaming for attention hurts it just as much. We need to quit being quiet about this and make a stand before it's too late. Learn an instrument. Learn to read music. Don't accept mediocre shit or at least let it be known that its subpar. Talk to well trained musicians and value their opinion most often they know what they're talking about even if you don't like what they have to say. I feel like I wrote this piece before but it's more relevant than ever so try to take something away from this. 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nick Wiz Videos

Give these a min to load and then enjoy.

The Beat Hoarders Vol. 1

You Look Like Your Face Stinks Vol​.​1 by Black-Tokyo Musik

Well I don't really like the title of this project I sure do like all the beats. Tokyo linked me this when it dropped and I listened to the whole thing twice back to back. Dope raw banging beats as always from the man Black Tokyo.

For Madmen Only by Cult Favorite

Needed to post this album up as it's also a not miss album. I really enjoy Elucids style and AM Breakups has some of the best beats coming out today IMO. Note that you can also purchase this album on vinyl.

Lead Breakfast by Aeon Gray

This is a must listen album of 2013. This is progressive hiphop at its finest.

Updated A.I. Remixs

Well i was going to make a new remix album but just ended up throwing the songs on this. You can DL the songs individually and add them to the album if you have it already or go cop the whole thing now if you don't have it.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is a dope song. I've said before I'm not a big video guy but this one's pretty dag coolio. Peep game.

Free Alchemist Drum Kit

Here's a drum kit I use ofthen and thought I'd share on here. Enjoy.

                                                                  Alchemist Drum Kit

Thursday, February 14, 2013

R.I.P. Tim Dog

R.I.P. Tim Dog.
This is a song from a classic album Tim Dog and Kool Keith made back in the 90's. I love this whole album.  The way the drums are is just hard knocking and clean. Bass is so damn fat way under a dope sample, hiphop heaven right there. Listen and say peace to a legend.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pitfall (Video) - Taiyamo Denku

Here's the dope new video from Taiymo Denku. Production on this track and video are crazy slick so check it out.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cannibal Mics - Darth Chosen

Here's more new ish from Black Tokyo. This ones with emcee Darth Chosen called Cannibal Mics. Classic Beats n Raw Rhymes. Check it out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Panoramic Visions

As I continue to blog in totally random fashion I'm gonna give this series of posts a not so random, random order. Ha....Anyway....This is the first of what I understand to be several works between a couple amazing artists. Avarice, emcee from Connecticut and Black Tokyo, beatsmith from Virginia. Panoramic Visions is that raw underground hiphop vibe all the way through. These are the type of rhymes you can listen to over and over and still be diggin into words and flows. Tokyo always has the dope beats but the joints on this are sounding better than ever. Its got that gritty feel to rock a backpack to. So go grab one, and ya iPod, and rock this joint full through. Or don't.. Whatever.. Show some support and pay the $3 if your feeling this catfish.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Carefully Avoiding These by Po' Safe Beats

Here's a real dope beat tape/instrumental hiphop album that just came out. Its from Po'Safe Beats and every joint on this sounds dope as hell. This is like crate digger crack, tracks all have that vinyl to MPC warm clean sound. Grab this up and follow this guy online if you like digging for vinyl he has a crazy ass collection.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uncommon Burners 2

 Yeah sitting here listening to some beats n having a beer thought I should get something more productive done and I really wanted to post this up. This here is an amazing album plus deal from Uncommon Records, Uncommon Burners 2 and the Orange Army Soldier Club. The album is 8 tracks digital for free which you can stream fully on Bandcamp. The deals on buying the CD and Shirt and Poster and Hoodie and all become crazy at this point so I highly suggest you follow the link over to the full bandcamp page or Uncommons website This could be the best deal I`ve seen for hiphop fans in years and a great way to support the artists as well as this label. Peep this EP. Go to the website. Check out Uncommon Radio. Support some real dope shit that I don`t want to go away.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Digital Mind Of A.I.

I've decided to try something different in my blogging format. Writing down my crazy thoughts which are far to large to be posting to twitter.
I used to use the Internet a couple hours a day. I didn't have a cell phone that could go online n stuff so I would only access the Internet on my laptop at home. I usually did beats for a couple hours each day and go online in the evening after I was done. I would use Facebook mostly after MySpace closed down as I didn't find twitter much use when I could only be there for an hour or two late at night. I would check other people's music and post my own stuff regularly on soundcloud. I used this blog to promote my own stuff plus anything new and old that I liked and thought deserved some space.
Well, times change. I moved and had to get a cell phone to keep in touch my family. I started using twitter full time as I knew nobody where I moved to and was focused on working and making a better life for my family. Twitter became my place to socialize. Music kind of fell to the wayside. Orangearmy. Family first music second nothing else. Ok I have to add video games in there.
To be honest I love playing video games but didn't do that much till I had the kids n stuff. It's a way I hang with my kids and wife rather than being alone doing music all the time. I enjoy it no lie but it's not as productive as I could be. Family first I guess.
So I quit Facebooking almost all together, my laptop is old and slow often crashing which leaves me with little desire to blog. My time for even listening to music has dimished. So I won't be posting up much music but still want to have a place for all my crazy mind dialogue.
Here what's going to be going down here for the time being. I have an app for I phone which can use blogger. I will be writing down as I said things/thought which are far too big for twitter. I invite you to read along or not, comment, learn about where I come from and what makes me tick or ticked off or maybe turned on. HA! From Video games to music to the world around us I'm going to keep this moving somehow.