Friday, September 28, 2012

LoyaL & Lazlo - UnderDogg [Official Video] (Punch-Out! Parody)

Here's a new vid from my boy Lazlo and LoyaL. This song is off the upcoming album from these two and is sounding real good. I admit I've never heard LoyaL before but the rhymes in this track are tight as heck, this dude has some skill. The video is a parody of the NES classic Punch-Out or also known as Mike Tysons Punch-Out but I'm not getting into that. It's got great production on the vid I love how they even have life bars up top and the intro's before each fight. I would have liked to see Don Flamenco throw his big silly uppercut but they do have the Bald Bull Rush which was awesome. If you want to DL this song go here Underdogg . Stay on the lookout for the full length album "Built For War" coming from these two guys in early 2013 I'm sure it will be dope.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RZA - A Day to God is 1,000 Years

Anime, Bitches, Cash, & Dreams EP by Swisher Jones

This is a new album from Swisher Jones which was produced by my man Black Tokyo. Dope beats on this.

Phil G - Night Writer (rough mix) - Beat by DJ A.I.

Another beat I did recently and kicked over to Phil G.

Phil G -Tuna'fish (money in the bag, meat in a can) - Beat by DJ A.I.

A recent beat I did and toss over to the man Phil G.

Satan In the Mirror by Atari Blitzkrieg

Here's a release that came out a short while ago from the guys at Uncommon Records. "Satan In The Mirror" by Atari Blitzkrieg a crazy little concept album of hard edged rap music. Great production all over this with rhymes and song structure to match, every track is solid.