Friday, July 13, 2012

Dracula Baby and Other Pimp Tales by Vinyl Pimp Cobras

Here's a lil EP I got hit with this morning. The Vinyl Pimp Cobras! Yeah cool name. It comes from a couple of my closest friends Atari Blitzkrieg, you might have seen me post a thing or two from him and Digital Fiend a crazy creative guy who's always got his fingers in a pie or two. This time they brought along a new band mate BionicHeart who I've never heard of before but do look forward to finding more from. They coined a new band name and a bit different style than what I expected. Going in in I thought I'd get a dose of metal/punk/rap, yeah that's the genre I expected but it has a much more funky feel to it. Live instrumentation all over this which I am totally into as I play several instruments myself and come from a very jazz/rock background. The songs are fun, full out. This will put a smile on your face n get you head nodding from the beginning. Enter in the world of undead pimpin cobras baby.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Never Happened (EP) by Lusus Naturae

Here's an EP that I've been waiting for a while to do post on. This came out right as I was beginning my move and I didn't have much access to the net. I heard a few or the tracks but the release on bandcamp, which is my favorite music site if I haven't mentioned it before, was after I moved. So here goes.
 This was put together by my man Pach Atoms from the In-Sect and King Boom a very dope beat maker. Boom made the beats and Pach rhymes as Lusus Naturae and also did the production on this EP. The song are sort of like sound portraits, very vivid imagery in the rhymes and the vocal production help push them around. The beats are unique, they don't have that sampled up hiphop feel but also are not the average synth sounding stuff you hear alot of these days. Overall a nice original artsy little EP available for $3, which is more than worth it. It's a short project that will keep you coming back for many listens.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bronze Nazareth - Records We Used To Play OFFICIAL VIDEO

This is another gem from the Bronzeman.

New Beats

I'm getting ready to drop some new beat tape/ep thingys so here's a couple that will be coming out on them.

Let me know what you think or if your interested in using them.

Magnificent Blitzkrieg by Atari Blitzkrieg x MagOwl

I actually haven't had time to listen to this whole thing but I have heard a few songs and know these two guys to some extent. They always come with real good music so I expect this to be much of the same. I have heard 'Evening In Tokyo' and 'Jet Baby' which is a very sick posse cut and a great place to start if your checking it out. For $3.95 and 14 tracks, I think this is more than worth you money. I just found a CD i bought about 8 years ago, which I never heard before buying with 12 songs and was 14.99 used. Pay homage to this magnificent album.