Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vast Aire - Advertisy Strikes

Here's another Vast joint I just stumbled on to. The mix of this track could be a bit better but it always hard to tell when listening to youtube if it's the actual recording of the song or the copy from the person who uploaded. I always wonder what people upload someone elses music on youtube but that question is for another post. Peep this joint first.


Vast Aire ft Plead the 5th & Blueprint- I.C.U

Not 100% sure if I ever posted this joint here before but it's dope enough to post twice. Love the jazzed out feel of the piano over the break. Some top game lyrics through out the whole joint. Gets cut off a bit at the end but peep what you can it's worth it.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I really wanted to share this EP/Album what ever you call nowadays. This one's coming out of Uncommon Records by DCK VNNGT by two emcee/producers Bloodmoney and YunSloth. I passed this album by the first few time I seen it then one day I was just feeling something new seen it again and downloaded it. I think the reason was I knew I had some free time to do real listening. I'm pretty busy with work my kids and music stuff so I don't have that much time to really listen to music. I listen quite often which is kind of background type listening and I don't get a full depth grasp at what's going on, which is ok from time to time but I really love that intimate type listen where you soak it in your brain. I do anyway. So yeah, I copped this album and tossed it on the Ipod. Two full listens after I must say this is amazing shit. As said before I'm a huge feel guy and this has a dope ass feel. It's dark beats and deep rhyme schemes murdering every track. It's available for free so have a listen n then go cop and share.

Enjoy DJ A.I.