Friday, July 13, 2012

Dracula Baby and Other Pimp Tales by Vinyl Pimp Cobras

Here's a lil EP I got hit with this morning. The Vinyl Pimp Cobras! Yeah cool name. It comes from a couple of my closest friends Atari Blitzkrieg, you might have seen me post a thing or two from him and Digital Fiend a crazy creative guy who's always got his fingers in a pie or two. This time they brought along a new band mate BionicHeart who I've never heard of before but do look forward to finding more from. They coined a new band name and a bit different style than what I expected. Going in in I thought I'd get a dose of metal/punk/rap, yeah that's the genre I expected but it has a much more funky feel to it. Live instrumentation all over this which I am totally into as I play several instruments myself and come from a very jazz/rock background. The songs are fun, full out. This will put a smile on your face n get you head nodding from the beginning. Enter in the world of undead pimpin cobras baby.

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