Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Atari Blitzkrieg x Technicolor Crime Scenes Report

Looking forward to this album coming from my man 'Atari Blitzkrieg' and 'Uncommon Records', 'Technicolor Crime Scenes'. I hooked up with Atari back in late 2009 as he was looking for production and I submitted a few beats and got on. I became good friends and worked on a few other projects together. Atari's an amazingly prolific artist and I'm not totally sure what this albums going to be like, he has said before it won't be a hiphop album but then I know it has changed shape over quite a large period of time. To start here's a track I though was going to be the basis of the feel.

I love the whole feel of this and the over all production. A well done song.
Then we have another leak type joint off this which is by one of my fav producers Bronze Nazareth. The feel on this is much more hiphop than a heavy hiphop metal feel.

But really what ever the over all style of the album I'm sure it will be epic as most of Atari's work is. This is a guy who really makes quality music and will have an amazing legacy. Here's his basement report on the new album, peep listen n get ready to support Atari and Uncommon for bringing us some real music in the overwhelming sea of garbage which we surf each day.

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