Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Instrumental Album

Well I'm sitting here listening to the ruff edit version of my new instrumental album and damn, it's sounding good. I went for more of a sampled feel on this than synth'd out stuff. I know I love my sci-fi boom bap type shit but I do do more than that so. This is a collection of beats I've made over the past 2 years or so, most of them mainly in the last couple months but I dug back to find a few that fit with the feel. I'm really into feel if you've read many music posts in the past. I love hearing some technical shit but overall it really comes down to the overall feel of a song most often for me. A song is meant to convey a feeling, story, emotions or an idea so getting the feel of that helps the song/album, if it's technically skilled while doing this then all the better. That's the real key to making some great shit in my eyes, to have an amazing feel on the track while flexing some major technical skill. Anyhow, here's the cover I went with and a track from the album. Hope you enjoy.

Brand New Beat by Dj A.I.

Look for the album withing the next few weeks..


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