Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wow I need a new post about something dope, something real good. Maybe a couple of my favorite joints I ever did. Yeah that's what I'll do.
This first one here is an all time fav of mine. Sounds like pure classic hiphop right from the start. The sample on this is crazy, I can remember chopping it and getting that bass out and the guitar line. The drum work is very minimalist which I've always been big in minimalism so I get into that side of it, but. I did have a few offers on this beat but managed to get it into the hands of still one of my all time favorite emcees's Avarice, who absolutely murdered this track. He made this joint what it is really. I've been into that one verse style train of thought for some years now, it's hard to get it right on a song which is one of the reasons you don't hear that many great tracks like this. Lyrically this track is meaningful as well as put together in a complex structure, as I said Avarice kills it.

If you wanna check out more of his joints - Avarice @ Reverbnation

The second is one I consider some of my best work. I can't totally remember making this beat exactly but I cam remember thinking that this beat was amazing and I needed it to get to an artist who could do it justice. I though of this beat as I thought of the last song as a one verse style thing I didn't really make a hook section at all, but. A while went by and this project for Atari Blitzkrieg came up as a tribute to Satoshi Kon the anime director right after he passed away, for any who don't know his work I highly suggest you go pick up some of his work, Paprika would be a great start. Anyway.. I submitted the beat and Atari picked it up and laid something out to it, then sent me a request to put a hook in it. Which I did and sent it back to him, he did the vocals yada yada yada, the song was done.
 The other reasons I love this is I just think the whole percussion is really on point, I love the high hat pattern. The way the drums and FX samples blend with the swirling synth pad, vocal sounds and bass evolving underneath the jazzed out keys. I love this beat in every way and think it hold it's own as a great work. Next! Bring in Atari's verse. His vocal work on this is top notch work, incredibly well crafted lines which blend and swirl within the beat but evoke the most amazing imagery. His writing on this really reminds me of a Satoshi Kon work, bending through reality in a dream like way. Ultimately this is why I love this song because it was a tribute to Satoshi Kon and his work and to me it full represents his work to, a swirling magical dream-like continually bending reality.
Guess this turned into a long explanation but the track is a truly great song, check it out.

Find more Atari music at Atari Blitzkrieg Bandcamp
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