Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I really wanted to share this EP/Album what ever you call nowadays. This one's coming out of Uncommon Records by DCK VNNGT by two emcee/producers Bloodmoney and YunSloth. I passed this album by the first few time I seen it then one day I was just feeling something new seen it again and downloaded it. I think the reason was I knew I had some free time to do real listening. I'm pretty busy with work my kids and music stuff so I don't have that much time to really listen to music. I listen quite often which is kind of background type listening and I don't get a full depth grasp at what's going on, which is ok from time to time but I really love that intimate type listen where you soak it in your brain. I do anyway. So yeah, I copped this album and tossed it on the Ipod. Two full listens after I must say this is amazing shit. As said before I'm a huge feel guy and this has a dope ass feel. It's dark beats and deep rhyme schemes murdering every track. It's available for free so have a listen n then go cop and share.

Enjoy DJ A.I.

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