Monday, January 9, 2012

Common vs Drake Shit!

Hoop la hoop la! Wow some rapper beef today I actually decided to peep. I never really listened to much Common or Drake but from what I have heard Common def seems like the more skilled and poetic emcee. Drake's got some flow I'd admit that, and I don't think I've ever heard real tough technical skill from Common in terms of flowing like Nga Fish or Myka 9, but that's my opinion. Common clearly has a more poetic side for sure but even he has done some cheese shit in my eyes like this.

I mean so whats he dissin Drake over? This track was the one which made me rethink listening to almost any other Kid Cudi track.
So here's a clip from youtube just showing Commons diss to Drake.

Whatever I think of Drake is pretty much irrelevant in this cuz it's their beef, but I think this verse is a weak diss. Even the Canada Dry line, and I like joking about Canada, I live here it's a funny place. I might be bias as well cuz I don't like the beat...Why rap over a 'Rick Ross' beat dissin a dude for being wack...In my eye's if you rap over a Rick Ross beat and don't diss him what's the point? Rick Ross is pretty much a real life MC Gusto, which was funny but...
I'm goin to remember Common tracks like this and forget about all this stupid shit.


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