Monday, November 19, 2012

My Christmas Choices

Thought it might be too early for this post but... Hey. I wanna let you get a chance to really soak these in through the season. Especially if you've never heard some of these and like em. I'll start out with a rap song, pretty much the only real christmas rap song I know.

Cool old school video too.
Aaaaand for something different. A song I first heard done by Johhny Winter and loved instantly. I think the Eagles version is really nice as well, not my favorite band but they are a great band.

This one may be the greatest Christmas songs of all time. Unless you go for the traditional type well then maybe not the greatest.

Here's another one I love and might not exactly be a Christmas song. To me it is a holiday song and I always think of Christmas when I hear it.

Well that's all I have for right now but I might come up with a few more over the next couple days. Enjoy

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Subscapes [Waatu Revisit] by Our Helical Mind

Monday, October 8, 2012

I3 The Optician

Here's the first real work from my homie I3. I been working with him doing colabs for other rappers who record in my studio or over the internet. He's basically been filling slots for people who just needs someone to complete a track, the guy just does it for fun. I fully composed all the beats on this EP going for a sort of west coast synth vibe like old Too Short or Mac Mall type shit. There's no message in these tracks, no preaching or deep meaning it's just having fun and trying to destroy beats. Have fun take a listen, pass along, smoke one to it, drink one to it, whatever you do.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amy Winehouse - You Sent My Flying House Remix by Mio Soul

I seen this a while back but never sat down to listen to it until tonight. Mio has a super strong vocal performance on this which is worth checking out. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dustin Thewynd - Too Late...

Here's a new joint from the man Pach Atoms from The In-Sect.

Resident Evil 6 Demo Gameplay HD - Leon

Heard about this demo coming out and the Leon demo seemed to be closest to what I like in these games so I went to check it out. I like the survival horror aspect of RE games the most which they have moved away from into a more action oriented gameplay. I don't really have a problem with that so much as some of the earlier games move so slow the increase in action was sort of needed in my eyes. I heard this was gettting some bad reviews but it looks worth playing to me, let me know what you think.

Some Guy Beats Super Mario Brothers 3 In 11 Mins!

I'm a pretty big Mario 3 nut but this guy takes the cake. I thought at first this said he beat it in 3min 11 sec but still this playing is ridiculous. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

LoyaL & Lazlo - UnderDogg [Official Video] (Punch-Out! Parody)

Here's a new vid from my boy Lazlo and LoyaL. This song is off the upcoming album from these two and is sounding real good. I admit I've never heard LoyaL before but the rhymes in this track are tight as heck, this dude has some skill. The video is a parody of the NES classic Punch-Out or also known as Mike Tysons Punch-Out but I'm not getting into that. It's got great production on the vid I love how they even have life bars up top and the intro's before each fight. I would have liked to see Don Flamenco throw his big silly uppercut but they do have the Bald Bull Rush which was awesome. If you want to DL this song go here Underdogg . Stay on the lookout for the full length album "Built For War" coming from these two guys in early 2013 I'm sure it will be dope.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RZA - A Day to God is 1,000 Years

Anime, Bitches, Cash, & Dreams EP by Swisher Jones

This is a new album from Swisher Jones which was produced by my man Black Tokyo. Dope beats on this.

Phil G - Night Writer (rough mix) - Beat by DJ A.I.

Another beat I did recently and kicked over to Phil G.

Phil G -Tuna'fish (money in the bag, meat in a can) - Beat by DJ A.I.

A recent beat I did and toss over to the man Phil G.

Satan In the Mirror by Atari Blitzkrieg

Here's a release that came out a short while ago from the guys at Uncommon Records. "Satan In The Mirror" by Atari Blitzkrieg a crazy little concept album of hard edged rap music. Great production all over this with rhymes and song structure to match, every track is solid.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Well guess I never posted this when it first came up but it was another debacle in the way it was released. Hey its a bunch of beats I made which are dope as heck, so check em out.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Public Enemy - I Shall Not Be Moved

I just peeped this new P.E. track and gotta say it sounds as fresh as ever. Instant classic in my opinion. This track has all the elements I remember from old P.E., funky guitar and banging drums, good arrangement to the track and Flav kickin adlibs behind Chucks solid knowledgeable raps thats still schoolin suckas.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dracula Baby and Other Pimp Tales by Vinyl Pimp Cobras

Here's a lil EP I got hit with this morning. The Vinyl Pimp Cobras! Yeah cool name. It comes from a couple of my closest friends Atari Blitzkrieg, you might have seen me post a thing or two from him and Digital Fiend a crazy creative guy who's always got his fingers in a pie or two. This time they brought along a new band mate BionicHeart who I've never heard of before but do look forward to finding more from. They coined a new band name and a bit different style than what I expected. Going in in I thought I'd get a dose of metal/punk/rap, yeah that's the genre I expected but it has a much more funky feel to it. Live instrumentation all over this which I am totally into as I play several instruments myself and come from a very jazz/rock background. The songs are fun, full out. This will put a smile on your face n get you head nodding from the beginning. Enter in the world of undead pimpin cobras baby.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Never Happened (EP) by Lusus Naturae

Here's an EP that I've been waiting for a while to do post on. This came out right as I was beginning my move and I didn't have much access to the net. I heard a few or the tracks but the release on bandcamp, which is my favorite music site if I haven't mentioned it before, was after I moved. So here goes.
 This was put together by my man Pach Atoms from the In-Sect and King Boom a very dope beat maker. Boom made the beats and Pach rhymes as Lusus Naturae and also did the production on this EP. The song are sort of like sound portraits, very vivid imagery in the rhymes and the vocal production help push them around. The beats are unique, they don't have that sampled up hiphop feel but also are not the average synth sounding stuff you hear alot of these days. Overall a nice original artsy little EP available for $3, which is more than worth it. It's a short project that will keep you coming back for many listens.

If your on twitter check these guys out at
Hit em up if your feelin it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bronze Nazareth - Records We Used To Play OFFICIAL VIDEO

This is another gem from the Bronzeman.

New Beats

I'm getting ready to drop some new beat tape/ep thingys so here's a couple that will be coming out on them.

Let me know what you think or if your interested in using them.

Magnificent Blitzkrieg by Atari Blitzkrieg x MagOwl

I actually haven't had time to listen to this whole thing but I have heard a few songs and know these two guys to some extent. They always come with real good music so I expect this to be much of the same. I have heard 'Evening In Tokyo' and 'Jet Baby' which is a very sick posse cut and a great place to start if your checking it out. For $3.95 and 14 tracks, I think this is more than worth you money. I just found a CD i bought about 8 years ago, which I never heard before buying with 12 songs and was 14.99 used. Pay homage to this magnificent album.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I3 - Alone In The Streets

Here's a track a recorded for a couple friends, emcee I3 The Optician and master beatsmith Black-Tokyo Musik. I'm really feeling the sort of floaty soulful vibe on this joint so let me know what you think.

Avarice - Noncents Production by A.I. Beats

Here's a recent effort from Avarice!/Elias9Omar
Solid flows with meaningful content to match this laid back beat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Atari Blitzkrieg x Technicolor Crime Scenes Report

Looking forward to this album coming from my man 'Atari Blitzkrieg' and 'Uncommon Records', 'Technicolor Crime Scenes'. I hooked up with Atari back in late 2009 as he was looking for production and I submitted a few beats and got on. I became good friends and worked on a few other projects together. Atari's an amazingly prolific artist and I'm not totally sure what this albums going to be like, he has said before it won't be a hiphop album but then I know it has changed shape over quite a large period of time. To start here's a track I though was going to be the basis of the feel.

I love the whole feel of this and the over all production. A well done song.
Then we have another leak type joint off this which is by one of my fav producers Bronze Nazareth. The feel on this is much more hiphop than a heavy hiphop metal feel.

But really what ever the over all style of the album I'm sure it will be epic as most of Atari's work is. This is a guy who really makes quality music and will have an amazing legacy. Here's his basement report on the new album, peep listen n get ready to support Atari and Uncommon for bringing us some real music in the overwhelming sea of garbage which we surf each day.

Atari Blitzkrieg on FaceBook
Uncommon Records
Godsendant Records
Atari Blitzkrieg . com


Yo...Does anybody really read this blog with any sort of regularity of do they just stumble upon random posts. I love doing what I do here and try to get better at writing what I feel as I have trouble with making what I want to say or think come out in written form. Whether I follow just posts on hiphop culture or my own music or whatever I try to focus on things I think are worthy of being written about. Let me know in a comment if you read, what you like and what I should do different. oh and here's a new Atari song I heard n thought I'd share here.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

New EP with Phil G The Knowbody

I been building with my man Phil for over a year now, he's a super down dude and well versed rhyme spitter. Here's a collections of song we've put together over the last 6 months or so that he just put up on Bandcamp. Take a listen and check out his many many other releases also on bandcamp, enjoy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seg-Dirbese Htnrub

Here's a new video from a friend of mine Johnny Good. I love the drums on this and his vocals over match the feel so well. I like the lo-fi aspect of it both the video and song I think it's pulled off well. Drop by and leave a comment on the video if your feeling it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vast Aire - Advertisy Strikes

Here's another Vast joint I just stumbled on to. The mix of this track could be a bit better but it always hard to tell when listening to youtube if it's the actual recording of the song or the copy from the person who uploaded. I always wonder what people upload someone elses music on youtube but that question is for another post. Peep this joint first.


Vast Aire ft Plead the 5th & Blueprint- I.C.U

Not 100% sure if I ever posted this joint here before but it's dope enough to post twice. Love the jazzed out feel of the piano over the break. Some top game lyrics through out the whole joint. Gets cut off a bit at the end but peep what you can it's worth it.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I really wanted to share this EP/Album what ever you call nowadays. This one's coming out of Uncommon Records by DCK VNNGT by two emcee/producers Bloodmoney and YunSloth. I passed this album by the first few time I seen it then one day I was just feeling something new seen it again and downloaded it. I think the reason was I knew I had some free time to do real listening. I'm pretty busy with work my kids and music stuff so I don't have that much time to really listen to music. I listen quite often which is kind of background type listening and I don't get a full depth grasp at what's going on, which is ok from time to time but I really love that intimate type listen where you soak it in your brain. I do anyway. So yeah, I copped this album and tossed it on the Ipod. Two full listens after I must say this is amazing shit. As said before I'm a huge feel guy and this has a dope ass feel. It's dark beats and deep rhyme schemes murdering every track. It's available for free so have a listen n then go cop and share.

Enjoy DJ A.I.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Toxic Emissions

Ok Here it is the new instrumental album available on my favorite music hosting site...Bandcamp. Any feedback on this appreciated, I'm pretty happy with how the beats came out so let me know what you think. It's not a full concept album or anything but I did try to pick beat which fit in a certain style. Hope you are feeling this and thanks for all your guys support.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Instrumental Album

Well I'm sitting here listening to the ruff edit version of my new instrumental album and damn, it's sounding good. I went for more of a sampled feel on this than synth'd out stuff. I know I love my sci-fi boom bap type shit but I do do more than that so. This is a collection of beats I've made over the past 2 years or so, most of them mainly in the last couple months but I dug back to find a few that fit with the feel. I'm really into feel if you've read many music posts in the past. I love hearing some technical shit but overall it really comes down to the overall feel of a song most often for me. A song is meant to convey a feeling, story, emotions or an idea so getting the feel of that helps the song/album, if it's technically skilled while doing this then all the better. That's the real key to making some great shit in my eyes, to have an amazing feel on the track while flexing some major technical skill. Anyhow, here's the cover I went with and a track from the album. Hope you enjoy.

Brand New Beat by Dj A.I.

Look for the album withing the next few weeks..


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wow I need a new post about something dope, something real good. Maybe a couple of my favorite joints I ever did. Yeah that's what I'll do.
This first one here is an all time fav of mine. Sounds like pure classic hiphop right from the start. The sample on this is crazy, I can remember chopping it and getting that bass out and the guitar line. The drum work is very minimalist which I've always been big in minimalism so I get into that side of it, but. I did have a few offers on this beat but managed to get it into the hands of still one of my all time favorite emcees's Avarice, who absolutely murdered this track. He made this joint what it is really. I've been into that one verse style train of thought for some years now, it's hard to get it right on a song which is one of the reasons you don't hear that many great tracks like this. Lyrically this track is meaningful as well as put together in a complex structure, as I said Avarice kills it.

If you wanna check out more of his joints - Avarice @ Reverbnation

The second is one I consider some of my best work. I can't totally remember making this beat exactly but I cam remember thinking that this beat was amazing and I needed it to get to an artist who could do it justice. I though of this beat as I thought of the last song as a one verse style thing I didn't really make a hook section at all, but. A while went by and this project for Atari Blitzkrieg came up as a tribute to Satoshi Kon the anime director right after he passed away, for any who don't know his work I highly suggest you go pick up some of his work, Paprika would be a great start. Anyway.. I submitted the beat and Atari picked it up and laid something out to it, then sent me a request to put a hook in it. Which I did and sent it back to him, he did the vocals yada yada yada, the song was done.
 The other reasons I love this is I just think the whole percussion is really on point, I love the high hat pattern. The way the drums and FX samples blend with the swirling synth pad, vocal sounds and bass evolving underneath the jazzed out keys. I love this beat in every way and think it hold it's own as a great work. Next! Bring in Atari's verse. His vocal work on this is top notch work, incredibly well crafted lines which blend and swirl within the beat but evoke the most amazing imagery. His writing on this really reminds me of a Satoshi Kon work, bending through reality in a dream like way. Ultimately this is why I love this song because it was a tribute to Satoshi Kon and his work and to me it full represents his work to, a swirling magical dream-like continually bending reality.
Guess this turned into a long explanation but the track is a truly great song, check it out.

Find more Atari music at Atari Blitzkrieg Bandcamp
Thanks for reading and listening


Monday, January 9, 2012

Common vs Drake Shit!

Hoop la hoop la! Wow some rapper beef today I actually decided to peep. I never really listened to much Common or Drake but from what I have heard Common def seems like the more skilled and poetic emcee. Drake's got some flow I'd admit that, and I don't think I've ever heard real tough technical skill from Common in terms of flowing like Nga Fish or Myka 9, but that's my opinion. Common clearly has a more poetic side for sure but even he has done some cheese shit in my eyes like this.

I mean so whats he dissin Drake over? This track was the one which made me rethink listening to almost any other Kid Cudi track.
So here's a clip from youtube just showing Commons diss to Drake.

Whatever I think of Drake is pretty much irrelevant in this cuz it's their beef, but I think this verse is a weak diss. Even the Canada Dry line, and I like joking about Canada, I live here it's a funny place. I might be bias as well cuz I don't like the beat...Why rap over a 'Rick Ross' beat dissin a dude for being wack...In my eye's if you rap over a Rick Ross beat and don't diss him what's the point? Rick Ross is pretty much a real life MC Gusto, which was funny but...
I'm goin to remember Common tracks like this and forget about all this stupid shit.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Not Sleeping

   I hear this phrase come up from time to time and it sort of doesn't make sense to me anymore. "People be sleeping on this" well yeah lots of people are sleeping on stuff right now. Maybe they are just into other things which your sleeping on? The amount of music/art/games/media sites slash whatever coming out through the internet and real world is insurmountable. There is no possible way someone isn't sleeping on something dope in today's world.
  This is a whole topic which hasn't concerned my for years. I don't watch TV at all and haven't for over 15 years. Not saying that I dislike all TV programs because there are things I've watched on DVD, but my point is I don't see commercials for new shows, movies, actors or products. I don't know what movies are in theatres and which ones won an award. I don't know what new shows are coming out this season, in fact I don't really know when a season starts or ends.
  I don't bother spending any of my time listening to mainstream music in almost any form. I used to have to listen to the radio at work and heard lots of new music as it came out but found that I didn't really like most mainstream music. I enjoyed lots of things which most friends knew nothing about. They might not have been current albums but if the album came out in 1954 and I'm just hearing it today then it's brand new to me. If I spent my time listening to current artists which people say I'm 'Sleepin' on then wouldn't I have been 'Sleeping' on this older album?
  If a new album comes out by a huge mainstream artist like Eminem or Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy or whatever I don't even spend a second trying to check it out and give it a listen. Why? Why I know that's not my type of music. I got bored of the money and drugs raps in 1994, I had NWA, Spice 1, MC Eiht and bunch of stuff like that. I listened the shit out of The Cronic by Dre and I think it's dope music, but after a bit I want to hear something else. Dudes been on that same shit since 94, DAMN 94 that's 18 years man.
  I know for a fact that there's a ton of stuff I'm sleepin on right now which is good. The stuff which is real good though will still be just as good in 10 years as it is today. I realize that dudes want you to hear their music as well as all their friends music so they can support but let's be real, people are going to be sleeping on you. Who Cares! There's nothing you can do about that. Focus on making something which will be unique and a solid body of work. Make it worth somebody's time to listen, be critical of yourself before worrying about what others thing. Then what you make will satisfy yourself first off and it doesn't matter how many people hear it or don't because you'll be happy with your work and also you'll have something good to hear anytime someone picks it up and stops sleeping on your music.


New Pic

I'm still trying to come up with a name for this Beat Tape thing. I've been at some art to help get an idea going but it hasn't seemed to help much. Here's one I did, leave some feedback in the comments and help me out.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beat Tape

I'm in the middle of putting together a collection of beats, which so far I'm calling a beat tape because I don't have any better name going. I tried to pick out some stuff which has an organic feel to it. Here's a few ruff edits which will most likely be on it. Leave comments and let me know what you think.
New Beat by Dj A.I.
Brand New Beat by Dj A.I.
God Like by Dj A.I.

Wall Pix