Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here's a real cool album from a friend of mine. Done under the name "Lamebot" as a live collaborative effort, LAMEDust is a sort of experiment in 'sound manipulation' as they call it. I really love feel on albums and songs. One of the things I always loved about the music in Blade Runner is that it conveyed the feel of the movie  so well. This album has a certain feel which is a sort of spacey groove which I really dig, you may know I love sci-fi stuff.  I also find it interesting that it was done kind of on the fly live style, you get a chance to hear individuals ideas take shape and progress. I will admit I'm not a huge electronic/techno/house or whatever you call it listener but the albums feel, live aspect and overall production quality made this a nice addition to my iPod. Go grab one for yours it's free, tell a friend.


Monday, July 4, 2011

A Couple Remix's I Like

Here's a couple tracks off the remix album which I'm really loving. The Getaway Car one is a fav cause I feel the beat really suits my style of beats and as well gives the vocals a fresh spin from the original. The In-Sect remix of Fantastic Planet was also really special to me. I really wanted to give it like this an EL-P Fantastic Damage style with my own twist which I think I did well, and their lyrics and production just make it maybe my favorite remix of all time. Last but not least my Ozomati/Chali 2na remix, I first heard this song on a Tony Hawks game and loved it. I made this like 2 years ago, it was fully composed on my Triton Korg LE except for the mixing recording of the vocals and cuts in Adobe Audition. These really are some of my favorite compositions set with some amazing artists.