Saturday, July 2, 2011

DJ A.I. - The Remix Album

Hey it took a while for me to get this together. I did a bunch of these remix's a while ago and I might add to this I do have 2 Random remix's really close to done and a Project Blowed remix which is going in an Uncommon records remix contest. I have a couple others as well but maybe I'll just wait n make a second remix album. This one kinda goes all over the place in style and tempo. Some of these like the In-Sect and NWA I custom made the beat to the vocals and some I just made a beat and had some vocals at the same bpm n mashed em together. This is a free to download remix album so cop it and pass it on.


Cashus Flow on Bandcamp

Here's a real cool artist I got turned onto from a friend.

Cashus Flow - One

Some jems in here so peep this.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

On The Rise ft Chris MaC, Vek Nash and I3 The Optician

Here's another little teaser track from the up coming Concrete Schoolyard Mixtape "Welcome To The Schoolyard". This one's got Vek Nash from the Peasants Crew who I been hooking up with quite a bit lately. I3 an upcoming member of The Schoolyard has a very nice feature on this as well, look to hear more from him on the mixtape. Free download, enjoy the track and share.



Monday, June 27, 2011

What's That Sample? #2

Here's another one I did up recently. I kinda mangled the sample to get what I got so good luck with this one.
 What's That Sample #2? by Dj A.I.


Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo   
The Floppy Disk & CD's EP
This just came out today, the brand new EP from Black Tokyo. This is the beatsmiths 4th installment under the moniker although he's been at the game for around a decade. I'd hate to say this is his best work but I'm really feeling this one. You should give this one a full listen.

Hope you enjoy.


What's That Sample?

I've been really addicted to chopin up samples these days, I like getting into right flipped stuff. This is a real nice one I just did up tonight, let's see if you can spot the sample. You will be rewarded by hella props from myself and maybe others, lol. Hope you like the beat.
 What's That Sample? by Dj A.I.

If your interested in purchasing this beat please contact