Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Moments That Unfold Before Me in Life by Atari Blitzkrieg

Well today we see the new album from Atari Blitzkrieg hit Bandcamp. I'll say it again I love this site! Bandcamp seems to be the one-stop-music-shop when it comes to great new music. This is an amazing work Atari Blitz is totally on top of his game for this album. Tracks like 'The Clouds' and 'The Sight' sound like a live band effort with a well thought out song form complete with solo sections. 'The Fire' produced by Speech from Arrested Development is especially dope, I always used to do an acoustic cover of Mr. Wendel back when I used to play solo sets. As always Jazz Spastiks put forth a jazzy-hip-hop classic. The Digital Fiend colab 'The Chill' is an incredibly well crafted song, to me feels like a mix of indie rock and hiphop. Also really cool to hear a track with Breez, Atari and MagOwl, think I heard this beat some from MagOwl before this and love it right away. I feel blessed to be featured on this album, 100% of the album sales go to benefit the victim affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Enjoy the listen