Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Pistol Opera - Vol 1

The pistol Opera Vol 1 - EP
The Pistol Opera is a concept group that is set in the distant future. The album opens up in the year 5468 NP, a time when the world is completely run by big business.
The Pistol Opera centers around a detective agency caught in the middle of a corrupt police force, corporate government, and a global health crisis.

This is a dope EP which I was lucky enough to get a hold of as well as get the instrumentals and all the vocal tracks. I was set to just do one remix but this was another case of something where I start one and things go so smooth that I just keep going until it stops being good. I kind of get a feeling when the ideas on a certain thing get stale and then move on to something else.
Feel is a HUGE thing with me. I need to feel a track more than anything else. I did Neo L.A. in a certain mood or mind frame over the 2 months I worked on it and that was the goal on each track. I wanted each one to feel like a cut from Blade Runner but in a hip-hop street style. If I check out someone's track I'm usually looking for how the overall feel is rather than minor production issues.
I wanted the feel on this to have sort of an industrial edge and some depth or density to the songs. I also wanted to do all all the beats composed with synths, other than my drums which are always single hit samples which I program into patterns myself. The finished product will be out very soon but in the mean time you can go grab a copy of the original. The man Black-Tokyo on the beats and Lamebot on the vocals bring you....



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