Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roots n Beats

I been listening through lots of different stuff these days, mostly a lot of rock and metal but just trying to keep my song ideas fresh. I was youtube'ing some junk and remembered this joint by Necro. I loved this beat from the first time I heard it and still do today. Not only does it have a dope structure to the track with the drop in the middle it contains so many elements which looking at I try to do in most of my stuff. You have the swung hard knocking drums and well chopped sample over some thumping bass, I love the open high-hat on this kills it for more. Necro murders this beat as well so peep this joint!

Here's another one I have loved ever since hearing. You got the nice swing in the drums with a hard kick and popping snare. Love the sample chop on this one as well as the dope bass line.

Last in this list is a dope jazzy sample. I didn't really go into analyzing the lyrics in these but I  still to this day 10 years later think this shits top notch rapping. If you can't get past the offensive topic's and hear the rhythms, patterns and rhyme scheme's then that's your loss. Sorry for being a Wiseass lol.


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