Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Mario 3

Ok so this is a totally non music related post except for the fact that video games have been a big part of my life and definitely influenced me and my art.
I recently bought a Wii for my two boys who both have birthdays in July. We got a Super Mario game and a few others, I must say that the game play is very fun. I've been playing Super Mario 3 on SNES with them lately and knew you can get some older Nintendo games on the Wii so once I connected it to the internet first thing I did was try and find Super Mario All Stars from the SNES. I love that game, my boys love it. It has all the classic Mario games from my childhood, well except for Super Mario World. I was not so happy to find that I could not get Super Mario All Stars for the Wii only Mario 3 for the NES and it cost $5!
I remember Super Mario 3 coming out like no other. I owned Mario 1 like every other person who got a NES as well as Duck Hunt. I never owned Mario 2 for the NES I only had it on All Stars, I did play it at friends houses but never owned it. The hype behind Mario 3 was unreal, I seen it in Nintendo Power and they had it in 'The Wizard' which I think I only watched so I could see a glimpse of the game. I can fully remember the first time I played Mario 3 at a sleep over with my friend, we stayed up half the night so high off how good the game was, god you could fly and get suits the graphics seemed better than NES had ever been. I never owned it for NES but rented it several times and then had it one SNES with All Stars. At this time I was all played out of Mario 1 but I fully fell in love all over again with Mario 2 and 3. The graphics update to these titles was so worth the purchase and you get them all on one cartridge.
I did not own a ton of games because I didn't have much money growing up so I would trade in games to get new ones, I tried to hold on to this game as long as possible but hey I needed some game which I can't remember it was so I traded this in.
This right here is why I play emulators!
 Sorry to say but fuck, I can hook up a nice PS3 controller (since mine got the red ring of death) and enjoy the games I already paid for and played years ago.
Growing up as a kid my Dad bought records and recorded them onto cassette tape to preserve the vinyl, nobody ever told us this was illegal. I used to tape songs off the radio with my friends and this wasn't illegal. I would have recorded and backed up my old games as well if I had a chance. I had a giant collection of cassette tapes which were the joy of my life for many years along with my video games, as all the systems faded out with cassettes, I felt like I had invested in nothing. I'm scared to even put the cassettes I have left in players as they might get eaten.
I know some people had enough money to buy gear to convert these things to CD and so on but I totally did not. I struggled to keep up with current systems and gear, which changed so quickly and then broke down. Anyway I digress....
So $5 to buy just Mario 3 for the NES? I mean come on would pay $5 again maybe for All Stars, you get a few games the graphics are better I can play it one the Wii, OK not bad. $5 for Mario 3 ALONE, one NES graphics!!!!!!

This is why people don't wanna pay for games and try to pirate shit. Sorry but your raping us here, I paid $10 if that, most likely traded two SNES games for it back when it came out. what 17 years ago. Let take a look at the graphics here's Mario 3 for the NES.

For the time this was badass but nowadays $5 worth? I don't think so, I'd pay $1 tops for this game, I think that's fair, hey they didn't do anything extra to the game so. Shouldn't you just get the old games free if you pay $60.00 CAD for the Mario Wii which is all that different from this? Background is just blue, no shading or anything nothing like the SNES All Stars version. Lets look at that, these upgrades rocked and still do.

This was some damn huge rant about a video game that took me hours and doesn't really mean shit but fuck, I'm choked about this. I guess I'm gonna keep rocking out my emulators on the laptop until they come out with better stuff for the Wii which won't happen because they are about to come out with a new Wii which will make the one I've saved for useless again. Maybe they will have All Stars for that and I can spend $400 on the system and $50 for an extra controller $30 for something to save the game on and then ANOTHER $5 to play All Stars on that system. I'm gonna watch 'The Wizard' and reminisce, good night.


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