Friday, July 15, 2011

A Look Back

One of the first emcees I ever hooked up with after I quit playing guitar and bass in bands was Ill Lyrics. It's been three years since then and he remains one of my best friends. I noticed he started posting up the first album he did and really the first one I was on as well. This features some of my very first beats, I don't think there's one on here I did which was on FL as I used Adobe Audition at the time. I started on Cool Edit Pro but my system crashed and I could never recover it so I got Adobe as a upgrade to solve the problem and it worked. Ill Lyrics did up the production on this album, and the recording at his home studio all I really did was give him my beats. I think it's cool to listen back to my guitar playing and synth work, thanks to Ill Lyrics for posting this album up.

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