Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Building Robots' A Sneak Preview

I always have so many things going on but I wanted to start something new. I recently bought a MPC 1000, well back in April. I've had a ton of other work to do and it all needed to be top quality so I haven't had much spare time to fool around with the mpc, so I've been neglecting it a bit you could say. A big problem for me was getting samples and drum kits into the mpc. I put my Alchemist kit on a card and it only reads half the drums, whatever, most all of my Dilla kit works and I like the drums which come stock, well they're not bad. I also have a Korg Triton LE which I finally decided to hook up to the mpc and record my own samples. So the deal with this projects is a way for me to learn how to use the mpc and at the same time make myself happy by doing music I like on my own terms. When I did 'Neo L.A.' I felt very liberated to just be working stuff at my own style and rate. 'DJ A.I. Building Robots' seemed like great title for my style already and what I'm trying to do with these is use little pieces built together to form minimalist hiphop soundscape. I am looking for someone to help me with art if you know some one and as always I fully welcome feedback on these as it is a work in progress and I want to make it great for you. Hope you enjoy.
 Building Robots #1 by Dj A.I.
 Building Robots #2 by Dj A.I.

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