Thursday, July 14, 2011

Artist Call For Building Robots!

Alright here goes nothing. I did say in my last post I was looking for help with doing art, by this I mean cover art just to clarify. If you know a painter or photoshopper or whatever, it's a nice opportunity to showcase your work. The title is pretty self explanatory in terms of what I'm looking for.
MC's well, if your interested in getting on this and want to write raps about cyborgs, androids, robots, transformers, mechs' and what ever suits a themed album about robots. I will post up all the tracks which I would have people rap over on soundcloud and then post them here, the two I already posted are most def up for grabs. If you like the beat and would like to theme a rap around this I will send you the beat you want in MP3. You can record the vocals over it and send the verse back and I will mix the track for the album.


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