Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vast Aire - Spy Spy

The two that teamed up on 'Deuces Wild' to make so many sick tracks are back at it. This joint is off the new Vast album Ox 2010 featuring production my Melodious Monk. Monk has a very sick style of beats I love, 'Man Without Fear' is a great one from the last album. I don't get how so many people try to compare Vast's solo work to Cannibal Ox? To me this new album had to stand up to 'Deuces Wild' and Monk played a big part in that. Vast is in perfect form on this, EPIC lines as always. I'm not waiting for him to recreate 'The Cold Vein' I'm waiting for more good Vast and this is it, don't wait for something that won't be coming. Live in the now, and support real hiphop, give props to Vast for this joint.

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