Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elias-Omar aka Avarice-Right Now

I just found this track up on YouTube. I might have seen it a while back actually but maybe was too busy. This is one of my favorite beats I ever produced! I was lucky enough to have Avarice lay some vocals to it and I must say, I've never really got tired of listening to his flow. His phrasing is so well done and in such a laid back fashion he sounds relaxed on the beat but at the same time weaving a complex web of rhymes non-stop. A subtle vocal barrage. Props go out to Avarice as well for putting together the slide show for the vid, which I have to say is very well done also. Go support my man 'Av', you can find him online at   and
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Here's the link to download the song from Bandcamp, please share and enjoy.

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