Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been a bit behind on posting this blog but hey this album is mad timeless. I've been working on my Neo Gotham album for over a year so hearing that Ravage who goes by the moniker Ryu Black on this album worked on this album for something like 3 years was a great inspiration to me. I love concept albums it's just something I really dig when you have a great theme and feel to a project and the feel on this album is consistent but not repetitive. Being such a big SF II player as a teen makes this album pretty special to me but also I think makes me hold it to a high standard. If the raps weren't really as on point as they are I'm not sure I would really be feeling this as much as I am. From the beats to the raps it gives me an easy comic book mental image of each song while making my neck cause a head nodding effect in full force. I might not be very good at reviewing a album but here's a few links to others.
MeccaGodZilla "Perfect 天" | The Japan Times Online
Ignorant-Bliss, j4yx2: RYU BLACK 黒龍 solo Album is out~!
DON’T SLEEP: MeccaGodZilla AKA Ryu Black “PERFECT 天” [NEW ALBUM] | Bloggerhouse Hip Hop
If you wanna make up your own mind the well hey you can listen to the whole album before purchasing on, yes, Bandcamp.

You can also now purchase through Amazon
PERFECT 天, by RYU BLACK on Amazon
If you like this album please show support and buy or share this album with friends and family. Here's some more links to find more music by Ravage

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