Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hell Razah / Atari Blitzkrieg - Stir Of Echoes - Jazz Spastiks Remix

I found this searching around youtube for random Atari Blitzkrieg tracks. First off Jazz Spastiks make some of the my favorite beat going in hiphop right now. Soon as I see them on a track I know it's gonna be good. I did not however know this track would be this dope. Full out dopeness! I tried to remix this track a couple times and just couldn't get the vocals to line up tight which always kinda bothers me cause I love the original track. I heard the Atari remix which I loved Hell Razah - Stir of Echoes (Atari's 6th Degree Remix) . This Jazz Spastiks version is killing it though. The smoothed out vibe seems to blend so well with Razah's hook and verse as well as Atari's. Everything coming outta Godsendant artist is gold go support these guys.
Godsendant Records

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