Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neo L.A. 2019 A Tribute To Blade Runner And Vangelis

I just want to start by thanking everyone again for supporting this album. I'm really pleased with how the final project came out. I wanted to keep a minimalist sound as Vangelis did with the original score which I feel I did fairly well. I chose to not play much additional synth parts as my way in giving tribute to Vangelis for his original synth work. I re-watched this movie about 2 years ago while I was really getting into making beats and I was using still mainly using synths to make up beats rather than sampling. The feel of the soundtrack and the fact it was composed on synths in 82 was very inspiring and I took that feeling in a hiphop twist for many of the beats I did on my upcoming album 'Neo Gotham Projects'. The feel factor in this project was huge for me, I think it was helped by the fact I was just cutting work which already had an incredible feel. I went mostly all with the J Dilla kit I have posted in my blog for drums except for High-Hats which I don't really like from the Dilla kit but it's still up to download free. The whole work was done in FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition, a great program I highly recommend. If you like the album please support by donating or just sharing this with others and leaving encouraging comments below, they help to fuel my fire to make you more good music. Thanks again to all who have supported so far.

A small post about the album


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  1. A fantastic piece of work, manages to infuse an involving beat into the music without betraying the original atmosphere of the soundscape.
    Thank you!