Friday, March 25, 2011

EL-P ft. Vast Aire - Dr Hell No and the Praying Mantus

Here is some genius rap. I'm talking like this for me is the best kind or rap going. I was a HUGE Jimi Hendrix fan in High School, I had 13 different cassette tapes and was playing his songs in bands. If you listen to Vast's second verse ha mentions 'If 6 Was 9' then 'Machine Gun', 'Stone Free' and 'Purple Haze' (all Jimi Hendrix songs) while capping it off by stating he's trapped in a Hendrix maze. Then you got the crazy hook which is sort of the epitome of battle rap hooks. Vast says the their Ying is colorful and the Yang is muddy which I kinda of notice as a resemblance to his rap style against EL-P. Vast has that openness to his flow which is contrasted by EL-P's more dense rhyme scheme. Enjoy

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