Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blade Runner Remix Notes

 I'm glad to say that I am about half done the remix album. I'm very happy with how the tracks are coming out, to me it sounds exactly how a hip-hop/animated version would have been done. I guess it's the mood from the samples which keep it so similar. The mood which Vangelis conveys during the film is really a big inspiration in making music. I also love his use of space and minimalism which is something I try to keep in check when making a beat.
 A big part of what I loved about the soundtrack is that it was all synth work, pretty amazing considering it was probably composed in 1982 (the file came out in 83 so he most likely did the work prior). I do sample quite a bit now but I also try to keep on having beats which I compose on synths, almost every track on my 'Neo Gotham Projects' was played entirely by me on a synth. I chose not to play any synth on this other than a bass line because I want to play tribute to Vangelis for his amazing creativity. I hope to have the instrumentals done by the end of April, I will release it on Bandcamp shortly after.

                                                                     DJ A.I.
                                                            DJ A.I. on Bandcamp

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