Thursday, February 10, 2011

This City DJ A.I. with Iron Lung

I really want to thank every body who has worked on this project so far. Neo Gotham Projects is close to done and I can't thank you enough for your had work. Everyone has themed the tracks so well which for me was overwhelming. This track is a perfect example of the great work done. Iron Lung hooked up with me and went with the character of Spawn in his track. A cool factoid about Spawn is I used to live in the same town as Todd McFarlane. I knew a guy who went and colored in pages for Spiderman while he was working on it. I went to a softball game he played in against Victoria Payless and got hit in the face with a pitch and while recovering from that he quite Spiderman and started to push his own company and Spawn. I've always thought Spawn was one of the best comics on the market, especially when Greg Capullo started working on it. That's sort of a style I try to achieve in beats. Dark and Deep and Original. Here's the workings from the man himself IRON LUNG.

Here's Lung recording for the track.

And here's the track PLUS the cool video he did up for it, mucho gracias. 

AND!!!! His Art!! This dude put in WORK!!!

So Yo! Go check my boy out!


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