Monday, February 28, 2011

The GP Potheads EP

Yo I just got this dope ass mixtape/ep/cd/digialbum or whatever you call it. The Brotherhood 603 GP Potheads. I gotta say this shits killin it! All the beats produced by Thanos and Arewhy which if you don't know have done beats for guys like Kenyatta Black, Vast Aire, Genesis and many more. In fact 'Aire God of Shu" from 'Duces Wild' is one of my favorite all time beats. I'll admit I think that rap songs about smokin weed are a lil bit over done but this has kind of a new flavor to it. Don't take it just from me tho go and grab a copy from  I also full recommend the other mixtapes the got up all for FREE as well.

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