Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Systematic Havoc by Phil G the Knowbody

I'm currently checking out this new joint from my homie Phil G. He went in on this album producing all the beats and doing the rhymes himself. A Full Out Solo Effort! Sound good so far have a listen.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pistol Opera Remix EP - Out Now

Here's it is my full remix of the Pistol Opera.

I would love to get any feedback on this so feel free to hit me up.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Pistol Opera - Vol 1

The pistol Opera Vol 1 - EP
The Pistol Opera is a concept group that is set in the distant future. The album opens up in the year 5468 NP, a time when the world is completely run by big business.
The Pistol Opera centers around a detective agency caught in the middle of a corrupt police force, corporate government, and a global health crisis.

This is a dope EP which I was lucky enough to get a hold of as well as get the instrumentals and all the vocal tracks. I was set to just do one remix but this was another case of something where I start one and things go so smooth that I just keep going until it stops being good. I kind of get a feeling when the ideas on a certain thing get stale and then move on to something else.
Feel is a HUGE thing with me. I need to feel a track more than anything else. I did Neo L.A. in a certain mood or mind frame over the 2 months I worked on it and that was the goal on each track. I wanted each one to feel like a cut from Blade Runner but in a hip-hop street style. If I check out someone's track I'm usually looking for how the overall feel is rather than minor production issues.
I wanted the feel on this to have sort of an industrial edge and some depth or density to the songs. I also wanted to do all all the beats composed with synths, other than my drums which are always single hit samples which I program into patterns myself. The finished product will be out very soon but in the mean time you can go grab a copy of the original. The man Black-Tokyo on the beats and Lamebot on the vocals bring you....



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Neo L.A. 2019 on Youtube

Hey I went and put up almost all the songs from Neo L.A. on youtube just so if people want to share em like that they can. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Hand Washes the Other Both Hands Wash the Face by Lucheech

Here's an album made by a homie of mine Lev Luger aka Lucheech. It's his first solo effort to date but he's been in this game for a while. He helped me out with a track for my Neo Gotham project and has which will hopefully see the light of day soon. I think this albums a nice work with a new fresh consistent vibe with solid overall production. The only feature track has Royal T and Curtis C who rip the shit up but other than that Lev covers the whole album. The beats on this are all hard banging with a unique style I couldn't say I heard beats exactly like this before, shits original. Give it a spin n let it soak in.

The Unfunkable LP by Camel Crock

I found this album while diggin through some random beat review blog. I notice most things up on bandcamp end up pretty dope but this one's real nice. This dude has got those hard knocking kicks and crisp snares I love. All tracks have great percussion and ill sample chops, they sound like joints you heard before but are new. I somehow picked up a copy while it was free but they are charging 1 Euro which is I don't know in Canadian or US but thanks to bandcamp you can still peep the whole album before buying. Thanks Bandcamp and Camel Crock.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Remix

I'm going to remix the dope EP from my homies Lamebot and Black Tokyo, The Pistol Opera Vol 1. Here's the first effort I have out right now.
Pistol Opera Remix1 by Dj A.I.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Atari Blitzkrieg - Paranoia Agent prod by DJ A.I.

Here's a very favorite beat of mine which I was lucky enough to have Atari write to. He did an amazing woork on this as his rhymes twist though the sort of sound scape'ish beat and drive some awesome imagery. It very much reminds me of a part from a Perfect Blue or Paprika it how the overall feel of the track is. Take a listen if you like then purchase the track or album, all proceeds go to charity.


Here's a couple random pics I did up today. I'm not the best at making visual art but I do enjoy it from time to time.

Sea Of Data (DJ A.I.)

Escape From The Off World Colony

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Atari Blitzkrieg - Now Eye Cee

Here's a track I produced for Atari. I'm fairly proud of this beat as I was going for a video game feel which I think I captured. The song had to include a sample from a video game and I layered synths over top. You can download the track free if you wanna rock it in your iPod.


Random Beat 2

Here's a beat from a while back I wasn't sure if I posted up but thought I'd share now. I'm kind of in a lull from the computer issues I have and the projects I working on. I do have a few real good things cooking right now but until any of that shit comes out I'm gonna try and get out some more random beats for ya.
God Like by Dj A.I.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roots n Beats

I been listening through lots of different stuff these days, mostly a lot of rock and metal but just trying to keep my song ideas fresh. I was youtube'ing some junk and remembered this joint by Necro. I loved this beat from the first time I heard it and still do today. Not only does it have a dope structure to the track with the drop in the middle it contains so many elements which looking at I try to do in most of my stuff. You have the swung hard knocking drums and well chopped sample over some thumping bass, I love the open high-hat on this kills it for more. Necro murders this beat as well so peep this joint!

Here's another one I have loved ever since hearing. You got the nice swing in the drums with a hard kick and popping snare. Love the sample chop on this one as well as the dope bass line.

Last in this list is a dope jazzy sample. I didn't really go into analyzing the lyrics in these but I  still to this day 10 years later think this shits top notch rapping. If you can't get past the offensive topic's and hear the rhythms, patterns and rhyme scheme's then that's your loss. Sorry for being a Wiseass lol.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Much To Say

Hey I haven't been bloggin that much which I think I have to change pretty quick. I really enjoy doing this blog as much work as is it is sometimes while working a fully full-time job and raising 2 kids oh and also recording and producing for other artists and myself. This is like an outlet for myself to have something more to say than 140 characters. Looking at the stats sometimes I feel like not many people actually follow this blog rather than just search for random shit, which led me to not update this as much as I could have been and I apologize for that. Anyway I hope whoever drops through enjoys some dope stupid shit. Yeah!
I've been trying to get a couple album reviews done which will be real fresh so look out if you do follow. Support my last album "Building Robots" to help fund new albums for you.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chris MaC - Turn It Up - Production by DJ A.I.

Here's a beat I did up a while back with Chris MaC on the vocals.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pistol Opera - Vol 1

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Building Robots by DJ A.I.

Well here it is my new instrumental album "Building Robots". I based this as the sequel to 'Neo L.A. 2019' the Blade Runner remix that I did at the start of the year. I went for a minimalist lo-fi sound kind of as if it was made by someone in the fictional city Neo L.A.. I made all the tracks on a MPC 1000 I got a while back and my Korg Trition LE. I created the sounds on the synth and sampled them into the MPC. I tried to have the beats sound robots but with a bit of life breathed into them to make them move. I hope you enjoy and support the album it is available for free but you can choose to pay whatever you feel able to.

Monday, August 1, 2011

12,31,99 Black by Atari Blitzkrieg

Well I'd say this is the best free thing to come from Atari in a while but he did put 'The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life' up for free the other week, for a short time but it was there. Here he pulls some amazing tracks from his full album 12,31,99 and gives you 7 cuts for free. All the tracks are amazing if you need a reason to purchase the album listen to this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Junclassic: Bust Ya Melon [Music Video]

This is the first single off the upcoming album between Junclassic and Jazz Spastiks, 'Bust Ya Melon'. The album is titled 'Mode 7' and is available through HiPNOTT Records, you can pre-order a copy now. I don't have much to say about this song. Just listen to it! Speaks for itself.......If you need more just read what the comments look like on youtube. A Jazz Spastik and Jun...Classic...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Mario 3

Ok so this is a totally non music related post except for the fact that video games have been a big part of my life and definitely influenced me and my art.
I recently bought a Wii for my two boys who both have birthdays in July. We got a Super Mario game and a few others, I must say that the game play is very fun. I've been playing Super Mario 3 on SNES with them lately and knew you can get some older Nintendo games on the Wii so once I connected it to the internet first thing I did was try and find Super Mario All Stars from the SNES. I love that game, my boys love it. It has all the classic Mario games from my childhood, well except for Super Mario World. I was not so happy to find that I could not get Super Mario All Stars for the Wii only Mario 3 for the NES and it cost $5!
I remember Super Mario 3 coming out like no other. I owned Mario 1 like every other person who got a NES as well as Duck Hunt. I never owned Mario 2 for the NES I only had it on All Stars, I did play it at friends houses but never owned it. The hype behind Mario 3 was unreal, I seen it in Nintendo Power and they had it in 'The Wizard' which I think I only watched so I could see a glimpse of the game. I can fully remember the first time I played Mario 3 at a sleep over with my friend, we stayed up half the night so high off how good the game was, god you could fly and get suits the graphics seemed better than NES had ever been. I never owned it for NES but rented it several times and then had it one SNES with All Stars. At this time I was all played out of Mario 1 but I fully fell in love all over again with Mario 2 and 3. The graphics update to these titles was so worth the purchase and you get them all on one cartridge.
I did not own a ton of games because I didn't have much money growing up so I would trade in games to get new ones, I tried to hold on to this game as long as possible but hey I needed some game which I can't remember it was so I traded this in.
This right here is why I play emulators!
 Sorry to say but fuck, I can hook up a nice PS3 controller (since mine got the red ring of death) and enjoy the games I already paid for and played years ago.
Growing up as a kid my Dad bought records and recorded them onto cassette tape to preserve the vinyl, nobody ever told us this was illegal. I used to tape songs off the radio with my friends and this wasn't illegal. I would have recorded and backed up my old games as well if I had a chance. I had a giant collection of cassette tapes which were the joy of my life for many years along with my video games, as all the systems faded out with cassettes, I felt like I had invested in nothing. I'm scared to even put the cassettes I have left in players as they might get eaten.
I know some people had enough money to buy gear to convert these things to CD and so on but I totally did not. I struggled to keep up with current systems and gear, which changed so quickly and then broke down. Anyway I digress....
So $5 to buy just Mario 3 for the NES? I mean come on would pay $5 again maybe for All Stars, you get a few games the graphics are better I can play it one the Wii, OK not bad. $5 for Mario 3 ALONE, one NES graphics!!!!!!

This is why people don't wanna pay for games and try to pirate shit. Sorry but your raping us here, I paid $10 if that, most likely traded two SNES games for it back when it came out. what 17 years ago. Let take a look at the graphics here's Mario 3 for the NES.

For the time this was badass but nowadays $5 worth? I don't think so, I'd pay $1 tops for this game, I think that's fair, hey they didn't do anything extra to the game so. Shouldn't you just get the old games free if you pay $60.00 CAD for the Mario Wii which is all that different from this? Background is just blue, no shading or anything nothing like the SNES All Stars version. Lets look at that, these upgrades rocked and still do.

This was some damn huge rant about a video game that took me hours and doesn't really mean shit but fuck, I'm choked about this. I guess I'm gonna keep rocking out my emulators on the laptop until they come out with better stuff for the Wii which won't happen because they are about to come out with a new Wii which will make the one I've saved for useless again. Maybe they will have All Stars for that and I can spend $400 on the system and $50 for an extra controller $30 for something to save the game on and then ANOTHER $5 to play All Stars on that system. I'm gonna watch 'The Wizard' and reminisce, good night.


Friday, July 15, 2011

A Look Back

One of the first emcees I ever hooked up with after I quit playing guitar and bass in bands was Ill Lyrics. It's been three years since then and he remains one of my best friends. I noticed he started posting up the first album he did and really the first one I was on as well. This features some of my very first beats, I don't think there's one on here I did which was on FL as I used Adobe Audition at the time. I started on Cool Edit Pro but my system crashed and I could never recover it so I got Adobe as a upgrade to solve the problem and it worked. Ill Lyrics did up the production on this album, and the recording at his home studio all I really did was give him my beats. I think it's cool to listen back to my guitar playing and synth work, thanks to Ill Lyrics for posting this album up.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Junclassic - Stingray - Prod by Willie Green

Here's a dope track from Junclassic produced by Willie Green.


Artist Call For Building Robots!

Alright here goes nothing. I did say in my last post I was looking for help with doing art, by this I mean cover art just to clarify. If you know a painter or photoshopper or whatever, it's a nice opportunity to showcase your work. The title is pretty self explanatory in terms of what I'm looking for.
MC's well, if your interested in getting on this and want to write raps about cyborgs, androids, robots, transformers, mechs' and what ever suits a themed album about robots. I will post up all the tracks which I would have people rap over on soundcloud and then post them here, the two I already posted are most def up for grabs. If you like the beat and would like to theme a rap around this I will send you the beat you want in MP3. You can record the vocals over it and send the verse back and I will mix the track for the album.


'Building Robots' A Sneak Preview

I always have so many things going on but I wanted to start something new. I recently bought a MPC 1000, well back in April. I've had a ton of other work to do and it all needed to be top quality so I haven't had much spare time to fool around with the mpc, so I've been neglecting it a bit you could say. A big problem for me was getting samples and drum kits into the mpc. I put my Alchemist kit on a card and it only reads half the drums, whatever, most all of my Dilla kit works and I like the drums which come stock, well they're not bad. I also have a Korg Triton LE which I finally decided to hook up to the mpc and record my own samples. So the deal with this projects is a way for me to learn how to use the mpc and at the same time make myself happy by doing music I like on my own terms. When I did 'Neo L.A.' I felt very liberated to just be working stuff at my own style and rate. 'DJ A.I. Building Robots' seemed like great title for my style already and what I'm trying to do with these is use little pieces built together to form minimalist hiphop soundscape. I am looking for someone to help me with art if you know some one and as always I fully welcome feedback on these as it is a work in progress and I want to make it great for you. Hope you enjoy.
 Building Robots #1 by Dj A.I.
 Building Robots #2 by Dj A.I.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

On The Rise ft Chris MaC, Vek Nash and I3 The Optician

Hey just in case you missed it. Here's the new track I did up with I3, Vek Nasher and my man Chris Mac. It's free to download so go grab a copy.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here's a real cool album from a friend of mine. Done under the name "Lamebot" as a live collaborative effort, LAMEDust is a sort of experiment in 'sound manipulation' as they call it. I really love feel on albums and songs. One of the things I always loved about the music in Blade Runner is that it conveyed the feel of the movie  so well. This album has a certain feel which is a sort of spacey groove which I really dig, you may know I love sci-fi stuff.  I also find it interesting that it was done kind of on the fly live style, you get a chance to hear individuals ideas take shape and progress. I will admit I'm not a huge electronic/techno/house or whatever you call it listener but the albums feel, live aspect and overall production quality made this a nice addition to my iPod. Go grab one for yours it's free, tell a friend.


Monday, July 4, 2011

A Couple Remix's I Like

Here's a couple tracks off the remix album which I'm really loving. The Getaway Car one is a fav cause I feel the beat really suits my style of beats and as well gives the vocals a fresh spin from the original. The In-Sect remix of Fantastic Planet was also really special to me. I really wanted to give it like this an EL-P Fantastic Damage style with my own twist which I think I did well, and their lyrics and production just make it maybe my favorite remix of all time. Last but not least my Ozomati/Chali 2na remix, I first heard this song on a Tony Hawks game and loved it. I made this like 2 years ago, it was fully composed on my Triton Korg LE except for the mixing recording of the vocals and cuts in Adobe Audition. These really are some of my favorite compositions set with some amazing artists.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

DJ A.I. - The Remix Album

Hey it took a while for me to get this together. I did a bunch of these remix's a while ago and I might add to this I do have 2 Random remix's really close to done and a Project Blowed remix which is going in an Uncommon records remix contest. I have a couple others as well but maybe I'll just wait n make a second remix album. This one kinda goes all over the place in style and tempo. Some of these like the In-Sect and NWA I custom made the beat to the vocals and some I just made a beat and had some vocals at the same bpm n mashed em together. This is a free to download remix album so cop it and pass it on.


Cashus Flow on Bandcamp

Here's a real cool artist I got turned onto from a friend.

Cashus Flow - One

Some jems in here so peep this.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

On The Rise ft Chris MaC, Vek Nash and I3 The Optician

Here's another little teaser track from the up coming Concrete Schoolyard Mixtape "Welcome To The Schoolyard". This one's got Vek Nash from the Peasants Crew who I been hooking up with quite a bit lately. I3 an upcoming member of The Schoolyard has a very nice feature on this as well, look to hear more from him on the mixtape. Free download, enjoy the track and share.



Monday, June 27, 2011

What's That Sample? #2

Here's another one I did up recently. I kinda mangled the sample to get what I got so good luck with this one.
 What's That Sample #2? by Dj A.I.


Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo   
The Floppy Disk & CD's EP
This just came out today, the brand new EP from Black Tokyo. This is the beatsmiths 4th installment under the moniker although he's been at the game for around a decade. I'd hate to say this is his best work but I'm really feeling this one. You should give this one a full listen.

Hope you enjoy.


What's That Sample?

I've been really addicted to chopin up samples these days, I like getting into right flipped stuff. This is a real nice one I just did up tonight, let's see if you can spot the sample. You will be rewarded by hella props from myself and maybe others, lol. Hope you like the beat.
 What's That Sample? by Dj A.I.

If your interested in purchasing this beat please contact


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Collection

I've been posting a whole bunch of stuff lately which isn't mine. I thought I'd start posting some more of my stuff so people who be coming here looking for my music can actually find it. So....This is a little collection of tracks I've had out on Bandcamp over the last while. Please support and share.

The Way by Atari Blitzkrieg

Exclamation Corpse by Atari Blitzkrieg

Paranoia Agent by Atari Blitzkrieg

So Smoove ft Omega Da God

Good Music by Chris MaC

Hit The Mic by Chris MaC ft DJ A.I.

Not A Problem by DJ A.I.

Outta This World Instrumental


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Music - by Chris MaC

Here's a cool track I composed/recorded/produced with lyrics written and performed by Chris MaC. This is a sample off our upcoming mixtape called "Welcome To The Schoolyard" put out through Concrete Schoolyard Productions soon. Hope you enjoy the good music.

dont forget all my albums on Bandcamp are currently free


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random (Mega Ran) - Teacher Rapper Hero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice (mixed by DJ DN³)

Well back with another great release from Bandcamp. Random aka Mega Ran is always a solid choice. He seems to keep getting better and better, I really thought 'Black Materia' was a hard follow up and for just a mixtape this is real good. I copped the first edition of 'T.R.H.' and it gets steady rotation in the iPod and for only $2.99 I gotta get this one poppin.

Enjoy n support real artists like 'Random aka Mega Ran'

Day In The Life Of Alchemist

This is dope seein Alchemist in the lab! Here's a quick interview with him telling you about his typical day and its also a sneaky segue into his brand new Soul Assassins clothing line which is coming soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Those Classic Beats

Oh yeah, I been diggin for some beat inspiration to get me movin. I love that nice swung knockin drum style Boom-Bap Hip-Hop so I dug around youtube and thought I would share some of the dope beats I found. This post might take a min to load cause there's like 10 vids. I tried to include some less known beats so you can dig into something new. Keep this post in fav's if you like to bust freestyles cause this will feed a mad session. These are some of the best in underground hiphop, support the real hiphop and share this blog and these videos.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Neo L.A. by DJ A.I.

Don't forget to grab a copy of my instrumental EP 'Neo L.A. 2019'. It's a tribute to Vangelis and Blade Runner. I used samples from the 3 CD sound track available and one of the many bootlegs. I mainly used the J-Dilla drum kit I have available somewhere here on my blog for kicks and snares. I didn't play any synths on this except for one track I put bass on. I wanted to see what I could do with the original work which inspired me, and Vangelis' synth work is amazing on it's own. Please share this and help support my work.



'Bonne Nuit Single' by Magnificent Blitzkrieg

Here's a new track out on Bandcamp you can download free. This is a single from an upcoming EP in which Atari Blitzkrieg hooks up with long time collaborator MagOwl. This sounds great can't wait to hear the full EP.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vast Aire - Dark Matter Feat Space

Damn! Looks like almost all the tracks off this album are up on YouTube already. I hate to say it but this joint needs to be, shit is tight. Bump This!

Vast Aire - Spy Spy

The two that teamed up on 'Deuces Wild' to make so many sick tracks are back at it. This joint is off the new Vast album Ox 2010 featuring production my Melodious Monk. Monk has a very sick style of beats I love, 'Man Without Fear' is a great one from the last album. I don't get how so many people try to compare Vast's solo work to Cannibal Ox? To me this new album had to stand up to 'Deuces Wild' and Monk played a big part in that. Vast is in perfect form on this, EPIC lines as always. I'm not waiting for him to recreate 'The Cold Vein' I'm waiting for more good Vast and this is it, don't wait for something that won't be coming. Live in the now, and support real hiphop, give props to Vast for this joint.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vast Aire "Thor's Hammer" (ft. Raekwon and Vordul Mega)

I discovered this link to a major track off the new Vast Aire album. This track is yet another Vast classic off this new effort. I mean Raekwon with Vordul and Vast on a track. If you haven't got the new album go cop it and support real hip-hop. If you need convincing listen here and download this track for free.
 Vast Aire featuring Raekwon & Vordul Mega - Thor's Hammer by Hypetrak

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elias-Omar aka Avarice-Right Now

I just found this track up on YouTube. I might have seen it a while back actually but maybe was too busy. This is one of my favorite beats I ever produced! I was lucky enough to have Avarice lay some vocals to it and I must say, I've never really got tired of listening to his flow. His phrasing is so well done and in such a laid back fashion he sounds relaxed on the beat but at the same time weaving a complex web of rhymes non-stop. A subtle vocal barrage. Props go out to Avarice as well for putting together the slide show for the vid, which I have to say is very well done also. Go support my man 'Av', you can find him online at   and
'The Evidence of Things Unseen' or 'WaterProof' CDs   
on Twitter

Here's the link to download the song from Bandcamp, please share and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hell Razah / Atari Blitzkrieg - Stir Of Echoes - Jazz Spastiks Remix

I found this searching around youtube for random Atari Blitzkrieg tracks. First off Jazz Spastiks make some of the my favorite beat going in hiphop right now. Soon as I see them on a track I know it's gonna be good. I did not however know this track would be this dope. Full out dopeness! I tried to remix this track a couple times and just couldn't get the vocals to line up tight which always kinda bothers me cause I love the original track. I heard the Atari remix which I loved Hell Razah - Stir of Echoes (Atari's 6th Degree Remix) . This Jazz Spastiks version is killing it though. The smoothed out vibe seems to blend so well with Razah's hook and verse as well as Atari's. Everything coming outta Godsendant artist is gold go support these guys.
Godsendant Records

Monday, May 30, 2011

Iron Lung DJ Set

I just got blessed with this really cool DJ set from my man Iron Lung. The first mix is a 90's hip-hop mash up with some very choice joint in there. Great little workout blast or commute music. The second is dub style mix which I assure you is of the highest quality. Not much of a dub fan myself but this guy is and you should check it out if you are, cause it's fresh I know that much. Lung always comes with quality music stay up on this dude.
Iron Lung's Classic 90's Live Set Free 

Lungs Live Dub Set
 LAMEBOT LIVE SET 05 25 11 by Iron Lung



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vast Aire - "The Cannon of Samus" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

What can I say about this....Shits a mad banger? Track kills? I dunno but for sure this song is nothing short of amazing. Beat Sampled from a Super Nintendo game and not just any game but Super Metroid, one of my loved SNES cartridges. I heard this track a while back on youtube posted as a ruff track which I thought showed it was going on a Kenyatta Black album but both Vast and Kenyatta absolutely murder this beat. I'm not really super down with the ultra quick camera changes, I don't know if that's a New York thing cause I seen it in a bunch of other videos from NY rappers but other than that I think it's all pretty cool. Vast's new album is so far set to be an incredible effort from what I've heard so far. I don't think I've fully digested Dueces Wild yet but I'm ready for this new album big time. Support Vast's new album and real hip-hop that pushes the bounds we've already been at for years, it's time for hip-hop/rap to progress into the future and quit cookie cutter recycled crap. It's up to you to do it. Support the real.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Black​-​Tokyo Mindstate

Ok ok yes it's another Bandcamp album, this one however you cannot download free or ever for a fee. A brand new EP of classic instrumental hiphop tracks. This really reminds me of that raw street sound of Wu style beats and one of my favorite producers Bronze Nazareth. Raw Drums with great samples chopped up on top, I'll take more please.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been a bit behind on posting this blog but hey this album is mad timeless. I've been working on my Neo Gotham album for over a year so hearing that Ravage who goes by the moniker Ryu Black on this album worked on this album for something like 3 years was a great inspiration to me. I love concept albums it's just something I really dig when you have a great theme and feel to a project and the feel on this album is consistent but not repetitive. Being such a big SF II player as a teen makes this album pretty special to me but also I think makes me hold it to a high standard. If the raps weren't really as on point as they are I'm not sure I would really be feeling this as much as I am. From the beats to the raps it gives me an easy comic book mental image of each song while making my neck cause a head nodding effect in full force. I might not be very good at reviewing a album but here's a few links to others.
MeccaGodZilla "Perfect 天" | The Japan Times Online
Ignorant-Bliss, j4yx2: RYU BLACK 黒龍 solo Album is out~!
DON’T SLEEP: MeccaGodZilla AKA Ryu Black “PERFECT 天” [NEW ALBUM] | Bloggerhouse Hip Hop
If you wanna make up your own mind the well hey you can listen to the whole album before purchasing on, yes, Bandcamp.

You can also now purchase through Amazon
PERFECT 天, by RYU BLACK on Amazon
If you like this album please show support and buy or share this album with friends and family. Here's some more links to find more music by Ravage

Monday, May 9, 2011

Le Parasite Remix Album

This is a really really cool remix album I stumbled upon through, well Bandcamp of course. I would say this is worth the purchase but cool thing about Bandcamp is you can still fully listen to every song.

N.A.S.A. "Spacious Thoughts" (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Moments That Unfold Before Me in Life by Atari Blitzkrieg

Well today we see the new album from Atari Blitzkrieg hit Bandcamp. I'll say it again I love this site! Bandcamp seems to be the one-stop-music-shop when it comes to great new music. This is an amazing work Atari Blitz is totally on top of his game for this album. Tracks like 'The Clouds' and 'The Sight' sound like a live band effort with a well thought out song form complete with solo sections. 'The Fire' produced by Speech from Arrested Development is especially dope, I always used to do an acoustic cover of Mr. Wendel back when I used to play solo sets. As always Jazz Spastiks put forth a jazzy-hip-hop classic. The Digital Fiend colab 'The Chill' is an incredibly well crafted song, to me feels like a mix of indie rock and hiphop. Also really cool to hear a track with Breez, Atari and MagOwl, think I heard this beat some from MagOwl before this and love it right away. I feel blessed to be featured on this album, 100% of the album sales go to benefit the victim affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Enjoy the listen


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neo L.A. 2019 A Tribute To Blade Runner And Vangelis

I just want to start by thanking everyone again for supporting this album. I'm really pleased with how the final project came out. I wanted to keep a minimalist sound as Vangelis did with the original score which I feel I did fairly well. I chose to not play much additional synth parts as my way in giving tribute to Vangelis for his original synth work. I re-watched this movie about 2 years ago while I was really getting into making beats and I was using still mainly using synths to make up beats rather than sampling. The feel of the soundtrack and the fact it was composed on synths in 82 was very inspiring and I took that feeling in a hiphop twist for many of the beats I did on my upcoming album 'Neo Gotham Projects'. The feel factor in this project was huge for me, I think it was helped by the fact I was just cutting work which already had an incredible feel. I went mostly all with the J Dilla kit I have posted in my blog for drums except for High-Hats which I don't really like from the Dilla kit but it's still up to download free. The whole work was done in FL Studio 9 XXL Producer Edition, a great program I highly recommend. If you like the album please support by donating or just sharing this with others and leaving encouraging comments below, they help to fuel my fire to make you more good music. Thanks again to all who have supported so far.

A small post about the album


Free Beat 1

Free Beat 2

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Phil G-Federal Reservoir Dogs

Yo check out this new vid from my homie Phil G. This track kills shit much as everything Phil puts out lately, you can check more of his stuff at

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ski Beats ft. Mos Def - Cream Of The Planet

In my world what's not to like about this track. Shit you got a sick ass break, the drum kits got that killin jazz feel, then you get these gorgeous horns. It's so nice for me at this point in hiphop to see guys like this keep expanding while it still has that classic hiphop sound. Mos has displayed some amazing skill on this, show love for the real shit.

Prince Po - love thang

Dang Thang, That Love Thang! This track is killing, the beats dope ass and it's some of the best lyrical skill I've heard from Prince Po. Sit back n let dat head nodding goodness set it.

Atari Blitzkrieg - The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life: Anniversary Sampler

Thought I'd post yet another killer free EP from Bandcamp, which is honestly the most kick ass music site going but anyway. Really looking forward to this full project coming out, this sampler is vibed out. The track with Speech is amazing. When I used to do acoustic shows I always did 'Mr. Wendel' so hearing him colab with Atari is pretty cool shit. Go grab this to rock in your Ipod's it won't disappoint.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MagOwl Remix #6

Not sure why I didn't blog this right when I found it. I have listened to this 2-3 times through fully and then hit up the single fav tracks prolly 10 times each. This is maybe THE best remix album I've ever heard. The thing I think makes this so good is each track sounds like something you'd expect to hear on an album from these people. Show MagOwl some love and go download this you wont regret, it's FREE and dope fully.

find MagOwl online @

Peace DJ A.I.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Raekwon - Ferry Boat Killaz [2011 Official Music Video][Prod By The Alch...

What can I say this joint is OFFICIAL! Big time!

Raekwon - Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang OFFICIAL VIDEO

I seen a few thing around about this album but being so caught up in everything else in my music and other peoples I wasn't even sure it dropped. So a went searching the other night and found a few video's from it. This one's off the chain! I know RZA wasn't involved in this album which is funny cause it totally reminds me of Afro Samurai. I think this is Raekwon's best work in my opinion. Something about this album has an almost MF DOOM appeal to it, which I just can't put my finger on, but hey BANG this to check it out.

Peace from DJ A.I.

DJ A.I. on Bandcamp

Nasher Freestyle-DJ A.I. Beet

I had the luck of getting sent this freestyle over one of my beats which I have up for free on reverbnation. Then he made a cool little video to go along with it, take a min and check it out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Neo L.A. 2019

I finally finished my Blade Runner remix album.

I hope you enjoy. Please spread the word, leave comments and donate freely as the album is available for free.

                               DJ A.I.

Atari Blitzkrieg feat. Vast Aire - The Cry From Within

I never heard this version of the track. Atari B ft. Vast Aire, Breez Evaflowin and LMNO.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mix Up Tapes

Have you done a track with me which is not going on 'Neo Gotham Projects' and would like to have that song featured on my Reverbnation page, Blog, Bandcamp or Soundcloud? This includes any random freestyle over a free beat I gave out or a full track from a beat you purchased. Hit me up with a message on FaceBook or Reverbnation there's a link on the side of the page. You can submit songs in either Wav or Mp3 I will also do some mastering to the track if requested. I will take submissions up until June 1st then sort through all of them a figure out how I'm gonna post em. Keep in mind I do have 2 free beats available on the DJ A.I. Reverb Page, and I have 4 instrumentals you can download at Bandcamp to use for this. I can't wait to hear what you guys have got, lets go, hit me up, get songs sent.

Peace  DJ A.I.

Krohme - Knock Em Out(War Torn Soldiers Edition)(feat.Earatik Statik Sea...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here's a free instrumental EP I put out a lil while back

Sabac Red - The Next Chapter (feat. Krohme)

The Movement Fam - Smooth It Out (produced by Krohme)

I found this track posted on youtube. It has such a nice vibed out feel which I really dig in tracks. Props to Krohme and The Movement Fam.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Junclassic - 'Southside's Savior'

I cannot believe this album is available for free on Bandcamp. I don't know who to thank first Bandcamp or Junclassic, I mean I have found quite a few really good albums on Bandcamp. Junclassic is full out classic'ish hiphop, just listen. This wont disappoint.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Never Finish What I star - Marink

This is a really nice EP. A feature track with Atari Blitzkrieg! Great beats check it out, free to DL but feel free to purchase a track to support.

Atari Blitzkrieg

Friday, April 15, 2011

Junclassic - 'What It Is'

WHAT IT IS (Prod. by J. mudflats) is extracted from future joint project ofSouthside Jamaica Queens emcee Junclassic and Chicago beatmaker J.Mudflats due out in 2012.


Beats 4 Sale

Hey I got time to post up some new beats which I have available for purchase. If your interested in purchase of exclusive rights ($100 a beat) hit me up on FB there's a badge on the side of the page.

 Feel the Fire by Dj A.I.

 Dark Samus by Dj A.I.

 Light by Dj A.I.