Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Pete Rock Kit

                                                             Free Pete Rock Drums

Free Hip-Hop Drum Kit

                                           Free Hip Hop Drum Kit

Atari Blitzkrieg - It's Like That feat. Krohme Video

I just had to post this up as I just really love this song. The whole EP is fresh you can pick up a copy from

Dj A.I.

Neo L.A. Ruff Edit

Billy Slade - Where You At!?

Word up. I got tipped onto this guy Billy Slade

He asked me to do a review of his new video. So I agreed and here we are.

I was kind of surprised with how cool this vid was. The whole thing is pretty high quality, in my opinion. I found the the animal picture theme amusing as well as Billy's raps. Sort of reminds me of a few Kosha Dillz songs with not taking things to seriously. The song itself is a bit repetitive with the same horn line the whole way though. The video really helps give some more action to the song. All in all, I thought it was great and would definitely recommend it to friends. Some come have a listen a judge for yourself. Check out more of Billy Slade at where he is offering a new single (Chapstick) for free.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. Lachaven

Dr. Lachaven. 
A young beat maker and emcee from Gabriola Island. Tha Dr crafts chilling beats and spits energetic flows. His style is sort of dark minimalist, chopped samples over tight breaks, every track evokes it's own mood. I recently enlisted him to do an EP with me, the first time I have ever rapped on anybody's beats other than my own. The project is called 'Stand Alone Complex' sort of dedication to the 'Ghost In The Shell' anime. Look for the release around the end Oct. or early Nov. well hopefully at least. 
In the meantime give the tunes a listen .
Dr. Lachaven on Myspace
Dr. Lachaven on Reverbnation