Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DOOM - Born Like This Review - Dj Ai

1. Supervillain Intro (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
2. Gazzillion Ear (Produced By: Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla))
3. Ballskin (Produced By: Jake One)
4. Yessir feat. Raekwon (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
5. Absolutely (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
6. Rap Ambush (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
7. Lightworks (Produced By: Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla))
8. Batty Boyz (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
9. Costume Foolery (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
10. Angelz feat. Tony Starks (aka Ghostface Killah) (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
11. Cellz (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
12. Still Dope (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
13. Better Than Beer feat. Kurious (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
14. Microwave Mayo (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
15. More Rhymin' (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
16. That's That (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
17. Bumpy's Message (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)
18. Thank Yah (Produced By: M.F. DOOM)

Yeah so I just bought the new 'MF DOOM' LP 'Born Like This'. I gave it a full listen once over and here's my impression. First off most of the production on this was done by DOOM himself, I don't understand how the J Dilla colabs work. Seems to be thrown in just to get his name on there, which doesn't make a whole lota sense considering DOOM is probably one of the biggest names in underground hip-hop. I'd say they don't really help the beats out at all either, although some DOOM stuff does take a bit to get the felling for what he's trying to do. The name switch kinda threw me as well. I read an interview with him where he said he feels he established the character enough to drop the metal face part. I don't get how this helps the character or the music. The character development is pretty minor in this in fact it didn't seems very sci-fi or have a real comic fell to it at all. The track with Ghostface as Tony Starks was probably the most in character song off this. As always though DOOM does come spittin some real dope complex flows and great sample snippits helping the super villian control the masses. The rating on this would be a 9 outta 10 for lyrical skill but 7 outta 10 for content. I wasn't really feelin any of the beats but I will have a couple of relistens.