Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Blue EP From Atari Blitzkrieg

Well it was a day earlier than expected but it's here. The 'Perfect Blue' Ep from Atari Blitzkrieg. This project is a dedication to famed anime director Satoshi Kon, who passed away last month. The EP features production from myself (Dj A.I.), Moka Only, magOwl, Jazz Spastiks, Digital Fiend and Dr Quandry. Atari brings his expected mind bending lyrical prowess and evokes some amazing imagery. Atari set's up the vibe really well right from the start. 'An Evening In Tokyo' Featuring Fuca Chan (produced by 'magOwl')has an airy floating feeling which sort of reminds me of a dream state from 'Paprika'. The brain melting blur continues through the seven tracks and finishes off on the note it started on. 'The Days Of Future Past' (produced by Dr. Quandry) is a perfect ending to a perfect EP. Go grab yourself a copy, have a listen and hit me up on with some feedback.
Perfect Blue EP on Amazon
Perfect Blue Tee's from Godsendant

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