Thursday, October 28, 2010

Naeem Oba-The Symbolism Mixtape

I realized a short while after starting this blog that I would have to post this and do a little review. This is really one of the wonders of myspace. I found this guy on a comment of one of my good musical friends. I decided to go to his page and check him out. His bio was one of the first things that got my attention. The tracks in his player sounded good and I noticed he had a mixtape available though Datpiff. I love getting new music and have got close to 100 mixtapes in the last year. So I grabbed a copy, like 17 tracks whoa! First time I rocked it in my iPod I was blown away. This dude has something to say and it's actually worth listening to. Tracks like 'Shoot Your TV' bring me back to hip-hop with a worth while message. Don't get me wrong though Naeem doesn't make every track super serious but does keep the Symbolism theme running. 'Sway' is definitely not message infused song but it has a great beat and catchy hook making it one of my fav's from this mix. So anyway don't just take my word for it here's the link. Go grab a copy and find out for yourself. If your feeling it go and shoot my man some feedback.
Naeem Oba 
"Symbolism" Mixtape 

01. This Is
02. Symbolism
03. The Map
04. Illuminati
05. The Reply
06. Out There
07. Waking Life feat. Allergik
08. Just Sway feat. Allergik
09. Shoot Your TV
10. Baby
11. Act This Way
12. Make em NV
13. Killin’ Time
14. The World Is Yours
15. Give It Up
16. Grow
17. Then N Now feat. Allergik
18. Music For Life feat. Allergik
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Naeem Oba on Myspace

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