Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frantic Peace

Frantic Peace/David Gilroy is a song producer, song writer, live performing hip hop artist and singer.
Reasons for pursuing this kind of life style include, wanting to inspire inform and entertain people. Frantic Peace wants people to imagine and dream. Making money is a goal but it is not the main drive behind why he is creating these musical works of art.
Thanks to all who have purchased cds and have come out to the shows.
Frantic Peace, real name David Gilroy, lives in Vancouver Island's Comox Valley. Frantic Peace has been performing live hip hop music since 2008. He has now created a hype for his music within his hometown. Bringing his live energetic music to the stage in places like Victoria, Nanaimo, and a few places in between, has gained this young spit fire recognition all over the island.
Here's a video that he made himself. 
Here's a video that he made dedicated to his fans.

So I've been watching this dude making moves around the island. He does have a comedic angle which hooks ya but you can tell he takes his music seriously. It's a nice find in the music industry today with so many people being so serious, someone who is working hard and having fun doing it. Cause really isn't that what it's all about. So I invite you to come and check out what he's doing.

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