Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Kid Cudi Beef

Yo I got some beef with this music scene again. I just recently heard of this guy Kid Cudi. He's got a popular album right now no sure what it's called and it doesn't matter to me. 'Day and Night' seems to be a hit, which I do dig the minimal side of it and the way the song slowly progresses is a nice fresh approach to mainstream hip-hop. A few of the other songs are alright in my eyes and the rest are meh meh. Slightly interested to find out more about this guy so I watched a few Youtube interviews with him. He has a couple great points in one where he talks about how judgemental the Hip-Hop music scene is, and I agree. Although this has been said by alot of other artists, the industry focus is on marketing products not artists. He then continues to say that he is within the top 5 artists in mainstream actually saying something important. To be totally honest with you I don't listen to enough mainstream music to know if this is close to true. What I do know is a song about getting head from girls is not saying something period. I noticed one of his tracks was called 'Pillow Talk' which sounded really intellectual you know deep thought type stuff. He basically reused the 'Paul Simon' song '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover', I didn't feel like this was dope sample cut up like Kanye might simple a redeux, essentially stealing the original hook and using his own words on top. Then he comes out with 'Make Her Say' featuring Kanye West and Common. What the hell is he saying in this thats important? In fact songs like this are simply sensationalism with absolutely no substance at all. I call out Kid Cudi to come forward and produce some facts on what he is saying that is so important. I would also like to know who he is putting in the top 5 with himself. Talk is cheap Kid Cudi walk the walk or stop the talk, nuff said.

Dj Ai the NYB

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