Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DJ A.I. colabs

Atari Blitzkrieg 12,30,99

1. A Message From Spock
2. Ink Red
3. It’s Like That Feat. Krohme
4. Two Six Double-Oh
5. Bloodpool
6. Aural Therapy (Enter Sandman)
7. The Ill Sword
8. Flies & Vermin
9. Life is Butter
10. Naw Man This Is It
11. Getchaminewrite
12. Fragment of Code
13. Wait a Minute Feat. Krohme
14. Moments in Time

Track 2 Produced by Jazz Spastiks
Tracks 3, 6, 7, 10 & 13 Produced by Krohme
Track 4 Produced by Cadence
Track 5 Produced by Moka Only
Track 8 Produced by Nick Wiz
Track 9 Produced by Mackerelsalad
Track 11 Produced by DJ A.I.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track 12 Produced by Blockhead
Track 14 Produced by Digital Fiend

Cover art by Atari Blitzkrieg | 100% of the sale goes to charity
This is a seriously dope EP
My favotite track so far is Ink Red cause Jazz Spastiks make the type of beats I really really like and Atari's rhymes fit right into the subject. The track with Cadence also has a real nice mood to it and of course I am still in love with Getchaminewrite as I am still stoked on my beat after all this time and the voice overs that the Blitz does at the end of song are killer. To get this and other Atari releases simply visit

Thanks Dj A.I.

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