Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Avarice 'Here I Go' (Av vrs BCC)

So Sorry! Can't believe I slept on posting this. One of my favorite MC's out right now. His flow reminds me listening to Dexter Gordon quick but swung back on the beat and so slick while always innovative.


Chris MAC

Band website designQuantcast

I know I got a lot of projects on the go but when this guy asked me to help finish his CD I was definitely down. I did the beat and recording for 'I Run'. I'll be keeping yall up to date on how this come out, so stay up on my boy.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

High & Mighty - Hands On Experience 2 (Bobbito Hands) Ft. Kool Keith, Wh...

Yo the HipHopBodega! Here's a joint from the greatest rapper alive. I don't care about J or Wayne. If you still sleepin on the HipHopBodega, put a coin in ya ass cause you just played yourself, lol.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lyrics Born - Hott People

This is such an awesome song I think is totally underrated. LB kicks some incredible flows and the beat on this is really well produced, I love the 80's vibe going on. He is one of the few rappers who can really say just about anything in a rap and make it cool. This whole thing just puts a big smile on mah face every time I hear it , hope it does the same for you.

Mister Luke O'Hearn feat DJ A.I. 'Might'

This my fam Mister Luke O'Hearn. He did up this rad vid for a song we did a while back, 'Might'. The production is pretty cool for a homemade webcam video and I'm super stoked I now have a way to hand sign my DJ name. Much props.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Perfect Blue EP from Atari Blitzkrieg

Perfect Blue

Image of Perfect Blue
1. An Evening in Tokyo featuring Fuca Chan.
Produced by magOwl. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg. Additional vocals by Fuca Chan.
2. Black Rain
Produced by Moka Only. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg.
3. Exclamation Corpse
Produced by DJ A.I. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg.
4. A Perfect Specimen
Produced by Jazz Spastiks. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg.
5. Paranoia Agent
Produced by DJ A.I. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg.
6. B R V B
Produced by Digital Fiend. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg. Guitars by Hidekazu Seki.
7. Days of Future Past
Produced by Dr. Quandary. Written & performed by Atari Blitzkrieg.
Atari Blitzkrieg - An Evening in Tokyo feat. Fuca Chan
Buy on Amazon (note: you can download MP3′s without the need of the software Amazon provides.) | Buy on iTunes

KrapHD-Get My $ ON.wmv

Stand Alone Complex EP

Virtuoso - Bay Of Pigs (Feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Vast Aire, Pidi T)

This a mad sick track. Had to post it up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mr. A. 2 Tha V. 'Avarice'

This is really one of my favorite MC's out right now. Have a listen. Avarice has a ever changing flow which falls so nicely under the back beat with swing phrasing reminiscent of Dexter Gordon. Besides just raw lyrical skill Avarice also has the ability to evoke strong imagery and conscious thoughts. Stay on the look out for this dude you won't be disappointed. Someone bringing the real hip-hop back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Naeem Oba-The Symbolism Mixtape

I realized a short while after starting this blog that I would have to post this and do a little review. This is really one of the wonders of myspace. I found this guy on a comment of one of my good musical friends. I decided to go to his page and check him out. His bio was one of the first things that got my attention. The tracks in his player sounded good and I noticed he had a mixtape available though Datpiff. I love getting new music and have got close to 100 mixtapes in the last year. So I grabbed a copy, like 17 tracks whoa! First time I rocked it in my iPod I was blown away. This dude has something to say and it's actually worth listening to. Tracks like 'Shoot Your TV' bring me back to hip-hop with a worth while message. Don't get me wrong though Naeem doesn't make every track super serious but does keep the Symbolism theme running. 'Sway' is definitely not message infused song but it has a great beat and catchy hook making it one of my fav's from this mix. So anyway don't just take my word for it here's the link. Go grab a copy and find out for yourself. If your feeling it go and shoot my man some feedback.
Naeem Oba 
"Symbolism" Mixtape 

01. This Is
02. Symbolism
03. The Map
04. Illuminati
05. The Reply
06. Out There
07. Waking Life feat. Allergik
08. Just Sway feat. Allergik
09. Shoot Your TV
10. Baby
11. Act This Way
12. Make em NV
13. Killin’ Time
14. The World Is Yours
15. Give It Up
16. Grow
17. Then N Now feat. Allergik
18. Music For Life feat. Allergik
Download the Symbolism Mixtape Free

Naeem Oba on Myspace

Illy & Billy - Walking Around ft.HT.mp3 by Billy Suede

Illy & Billy - Walking Around ft.HT.mp3 by Billy Suede

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free J Dilla Drum Kit

This is a really fresh kit. I use it mainly when I know I want a classic hip-hop sound. Although I can't name a track I did with it off the top of my head it's in my top 5-6 kits I go to first. Hope you enjoy the sounds.

                                              Download J Dilla Kit Here

Cash Money Drum Kit

                                            Download the Cash Money Drum Kit Here

New CD from Ill Lyrics 'Island Life'

Well it's finally available for digital sale. 'Island Life' is the second release from Ill Lyrics. This is an awesome CD. Positive message in the songs, some great local MC's like Midnight, Evo Freez and Curtis C. The sound is a great hip-hop vibe mixed with a bit of modern electronica. I did just over half the production on this so I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Have a listen through the tracks here, thanks.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free Swizz Beats Kit

                                                      Free Swizz Beats Kit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

BILLY SLADE 'Chapstick' The Video

Just seen this and thought I should post it up cause the last one was good. You can download this track from Bandcamp right now as well. I don't have the link handy but it's in the post of his other video.

Billy Slade "Chapstick"



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frantic Peace

Frantic Peace/David Gilroy is a song producer, song writer, live performing hip hop artist and singer.
Reasons for pursuing this kind of life style include, wanting to inspire inform and entertain people. Frantic Peace wants people to imagine and dream. Making money is a goal but it is not the main drive behind why he is creating these musical works of art.
Thanks to all who have purchased cds and have come out to the shows.
Frantic Peace, real name David Gilroy, lives in Vancouver Island's Comox Valley. Frantic Peace has been performing live hip hop music since 2008. He has now created a hype for his music within his hometown. Bringing his live energetic music to the stage in places like Victoria, Nanaimo, and a few places in between, has gained this young spit fire recognition all over the island.
Here's a video that he made himself. 
Here's a video that he made dedicated to his fans.

So I've been watching this dude making moves around the island. He does have a comedic angle which hooks ya but you can tell he takes his music seriously. It's a nice find in the music industry today with so many people being so serious, someone who is working hard and having fun doing it. Cause really isn't that what it's all about. So I invite you to come and check out what he's doing.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mega Ran does Super Mario Bros. 2 (a capella rap) Video

Random aka Mega Ran over Brentalfloss's acapella rendition of the Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld theme.

the free download will be at Ran's message board: so sign up!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jazz Spastiks - Hot Shit! Feat. Junclassic (Monsta Island Czars)

This is one seriously dope ass track. Jazz Spastiks make some of the freshest beats around and Junclassic is such a good MC. This track is off the latest release from Jazz Spastiks called '12bit Spit' you can cop it off amazon or from

Dj A.I.

Dj Ai Nightmare Anime

This is a beat I did up for 'Neo Gotham Projects'. I made the vid just for fun, took the anime from the Spawn show for HBO.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Pete Rock Kit

                                                             Free Pete Rock Drums

Free Hip-Hop Drum Kit

                                           Free Hip Hop Drum Kit

Atari Blitzkrieg - It's Like That feat. Krohme Video

I just had to post this up as I just really love this song. The whole EP is fresh you can pick up a copy from

Dj A.I.

Neo L.A. Ruff Edit

Billy Slade - Where You At!?

Word up. I got tipped onto this guy Billy Slade

He asked me to do a review of his new video. So I agreed and here we are.

I was kind of surprised with how cool this vid was. The whole thing is pretty high quality, in my opinion. I found the the animal picture theme amusing as well as Billy's raps. Sort of reminds me of a few Kosha Dillz songs with not taking things to seriously. The song itself is a bit repetitive with the same horn line the whole way though. The video really helps give some more action to the song. All in all, I thought it was great and would definitely recommend it to friends. Some come have a listen a judge for yourself. Check out more of Billy Slade at where he is offering a new single (Chapstick) for free.

Thanks for reading


Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. Lachaven

Dr. Lachaven. 
A young beat maker and emcee from Gabriola Island. Tha Dr crafts chilling beats and spits energetic flows. His style is sort of dark minimalist, chopped samples over tight breaks, every track evokes it's own mood. I recently enlisted him to do an EP with me, the first time I have ever rapped on anybody's beats other than my own. The project is called 'Stand Alone Complex' sort of dedication to the 'Ghost In The Shell' anime. Look for the release around the end Oct. or early Nov. well hopefully at least. 
In the meantime give the tunes a listen .
Dr. Lachaven on Myspace
Dr. Lachaven on Reverbnation

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Blue EP From Atari Blitzkrieg

Well it was a day earlier than expected but it's here. The 'Perfect Blue' Ep from Atari Blitzkrieg. This project is a dedication to famed anime director Satoshi Kon, who passed away last month. The EP features production from myself (Dj A.I.), Moka Only, magOwl, Jazz Spastiks, Digital Fiend and Dr Quandry. Atari brings his expected mind bending lyrical prowess and evokes some amazing imagery. Atari set's up the vibe really well right from the start. 'An Evening In Tokyo' Featuring Fuca Chan (produced by 'magOwl')has an airy floating feeling which sort of reminds me of a dream state from 'Paprika'. The brain melting blur continues through the seven tracks and finishes off on the note it started on. 'The Days Of Future Past' (produced by Dr. Quandry) is a perfect ending to a perfect EP. Go grab yourself a copy, have a listen and hit me up on with some feedback.
Perfect Blue EP on Amazon
Perfect Blue Tee's from Godsendant

Thursday, October 7, 2010

FL Studio Wallpaper/Background

             Here's a spaced out design I came up with work good as a wallpaper for FL Studio. Enjoy
                                             Wallpaper 2

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zaytoven Free Producer Kit

This is a large file but it's packed with awesome stuff. Great 808's and claps, lots of Dirty South style snares and percussion. Enjoy.
                                  Zaytoven Free Producer Kit

*Drumma Boy 808 Drumz - 395soundz!!!*
*Drumma Boy FX'z* - 27soundz!!!*
*Drumma Boy Mixed Drumz - 205soundz!!!*
*Drumma Boy OrchStabz N Chordz* - 146soundz!!!
*Drumma Boy Synthz & Instrumentz* - 115soundz!!!
TOTAL SOUNDZ: 888 (HUGE 227 MB's !!!)


JUSTICE League Producer Kit

                     JUSTICE League Producer Kit Download Link

Gotham Underground Remix EP Free Download

Here's a link to be able to download this without signing up at Datpiff. Still appreciate some comments and feedback.
                      The Gotham Underground Remix EP